Saved By The Max


“I’m“Saved by the Max meticulously recreates the neon-lit cafe from Bayside High”

–New York Times 

“I’m happy to tell diehard SBTB  fans the spot totally lives up to every 90’s fantasy you had of joining Zack Morris & co. for a milkshake and fries at their favorite hangout”


“Saved By The Max is a must-see for fans of the show and for anyone suffering from acute 90’s nostalgia”


“Saved By The Bell never tasted so good”

-USA Today

“There’s a New Saved by the Bell Diner in Chicago and It’s a Superfan’s Dream Come True”


“”We Went To A “Saved By The Bell”-Themed Restaurant, And It’s Every ’90s Kid’s Dream Come True”


“You can relive “Saved By The Bell” right now!”

-Good Morning America

“The 2018 ‘Saved by the Bell’ experience: A 90s kid’s dream come true”

-LA Times

“You’ll feel like you’ve been transported right into the TV show”


Saved by The Bell hangout the Max perfectly re-created in Chicago”


“a plan that class schemer Zack Morris would find genius”

-Associated Press

“Saved By The Max is not only a near-exact match to the on-screen version…it’s an operational restaurant with Michelin-starred chef Brian Fisher at the helm in the kitchen”