8 Best 8-Bottle Wine Coolers: 2022 Reviews & Top Deals

Is there anything better than a chilled glass of wine on a hot day? With summer temperatures heating up, there’s no time like the present to invest in an 8-bottle wine cooler. It can help you store and chill your favorite bottles of vino, so you can enjoy them at any time. If you’re looking for the perfect wine fridge, be sure to check out our top eight picks!

List of 8 Best 8-Bottle Wine Cooler Reviews

1. Koolatron Urban Series 8-Bottle Thermoelectric 0.8cu.ft Beverage Refrigerator

Product Features

The Koolatron Urban Series 8-Bottle Thermoelectric Beverage Refrigerator is a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy the luxury of a refrigerator without breaking their budget.

It includes touch screen controls, which make it easy to adjust the temperature and set timers on your beverage cooler. It also has an LED display that shows you the temperature inside your beverage cooler at all times, so you know exactly when it needs to be adjusted or refilled.

This product uses thermoelectric technology, so it runs silently and doesn’t produce any vibrations or shaking that can cause damage to your drinks or food containers over time like other types of refrigerators to do (such as compressor models). And because it uses thermoelectric technology, this model does not require any electricity at all—it just needs to be plugged into an outlet in order for it to run properly!

It has UV protective door, which is a great feature for keeping your drinks safe from harmful UV rays. The efficient cooling system keeps your beverages cool at 46-66°F (8-18°C).

2. BLACK+DECKER BD60026 8 Bottle Wine Cellar

Product Features

The BLACK+DECKER BD60026 8 Bottle Wine Cellar is a smart, energy-efficient way to store your favorite wines. It’s designed to keep your wine at the perfect temperature, so you can enjoy it at its best. It also has an interior light and a convenient door lock to keep your wine safe.

This model has 8 bottle storage capacity and three chrome full-length racks. It’s ideal for smaller spaces like offices and apartments, but it can also be used in larger homes. The removable drip tray at the bottom of the unit makes cleaning easy. Also, its BLACK+DECKER is the best 8-bottle wine cooler brand.

It also features a clear triple-pane glass door that makes it easy to see what’s inside without having to open the door—so you don’t have to worry about losing heat when opening or closing this unit. This wine cooler comes equipped with a one-year warranty from Black + Decker.

3. Cuisinart CWC-800CEN 8-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar

Product Features

The Cuisinart CWC-800CEN 8-Bottle Private Reserve Wine Cellar features thermoelectric cooling, which means it runs quietly and uses less energy than traditional compressor coolers. Plus, the attractive wood finish will complement any décor. Make your next gathering even more special with drinks from your very own private reserve!

This elegant appliance features intuitive touchscreen controls that make it easy to adjust the temperature and interior light. With touch screen controls, you can easily adjust the temperature to ensure your wines are stored at the perfect temperature. The LED temperature display ensures you always know what’s going on inside, while the soft interior light creates a relaxing atmosphere.

4. Zephyr BBV24C01AG Brisas Series Beverage Center – Best 24-Inch

Product Features

The Zephyr BBV24C01AG Beverage Center is an elegant-looking addition to any kitchen. With an active cooling technology and a temperature range of 38° – 65° F, this refrigerator will keep your food fresh for a long time. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a sleek and efficient refrigerator for their home or workplace.

The 24-inch model has two transparent-gray glass shelves, as well as one black wire rack with black handles. The electronic capacitive touch control panel is easy to use, and the LED lighting makes it easy to see what’s inside the fridge at all times.

This model comes with active cooling technology, which helps keep food fresh by using a fan that circulates air throughout the interior of the fridge. The 304-grade stainless steel body prevents rusting and corrosion over time, so you’ll be able to enjoy this appliance for years to come!

5. NewAir 6” Wine Cooler Refrigerator in Stainless Steel – Best 6-Inch

Product Features

If you are looking for the best 8-bottle wine cooler on the market, NewAir should be your top choice. The first thing you’ll notice about this refrigerator is its slim-fit design, which means it will look great in any space. It’s also built-in, so installation is easy and won’t take up any extra room in your home. The glass door is insulated, and UV protected to ensure that your beverages stay cool and protected from harmful rays.

Another thing we love about this wine cooler is that it features precision temperature control. This means you can set the exact temperature for your beverages, so they get exactly what they need to stay calm when you need them to!

Finally, one of our favorite things about this refrigerator is its ability to hold up to 7 bottles of wine (or any other beverage). There are two shelves included with this unit, but you can remove them if needed, so there’s even more space for storing bottles or cans of beer or soda pop!

6. Haier HVTM08ABS 8-Bottle Wine Cellar with Electronic Controls

Product Features

The Haier’s HVT-M08ABS 8-Bottle Wine Cooler is a compact wine fridge that can store up to eight bottles of your favorite white or red wine. It features a small footprint, making it perfect for people who live in small apartments or condos. The double-pane insulated glass door will keep your wine cool for hours on end, and the silver trim/black cabinet looks great in any kitchen.

The blue LED display allows you to easily see what bottle you’re currently looking at and the interior light makes it easy to find the perfect bottle when you need it. You’ll also appreciate how quiet this unit runs, so it won’t disrupt your sleep if kept in your bedroom closet or pantry.

In addition, there are two temperature zones: one zone at 45 degrees Fahrenheit and another zone at 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Both zones use separate compressors to ensure even cooling throughout each zone.

7. Wine Cooler Tx 8-Bottle Single-Zone in Red

Product Features

The 8-bottle wine cooler is a sleek, stylish wine cooler that provides the perfect environment for your wine to stay calm and fresh.

This cooler comes with a temperature range of 15 ℃, making it easy to store red and white wines. It uses an ultra-quiet semiconductor cooling system that keeps your wines at their ideal temperature without disrupting the rest of your home.

The grey-tinted see-thru glass lets you quickly see what’s inside without letting light in, and the electronically adjustable thermostat control lets you choose precisely how cold you want each bottle to be. The chrome wire storage shelves are removable, so they can be placed where they’re most convenient for you.

8. Frigidaire 8-Bottle Wine Cooler FWC084HM

Product Features

The Frigidaire 8-Bottle Wine Cooler FWC084HM is a sleek, black wine cooler with a highly functional design. This unit has a capacity for eight bottles of wine and features dual-pane glass doors and a vibration-free design to keep your wine safe. It also comes with two sliding chrome shelves to help you organize your bottles. The interior light lets you easily see what’s inside the unit. The temperature range of this unit is 46°-66°, making it great for storing both white and red wines.

This model includes an adjustable thermostat that makes it easy to regulate the temperature in your wine cellar. The thermostat ensures that your wines are kept at an ideal temperature at all times, helping them maintain their flavor over time while keeping them fresh longer than they would otherwise stay fresh without proper refrigeration.

It comes with dual-pane glass doors that make it easy to see what’s inside without opening them up completely, so air can get in or out from either side of the door as well as from above or below where they meet along their edges.

How to Choose A 8-Bottle Wine Cooler for You

If you are like most wine drinkers, you probably have a few bottles of your favorite vino on hand at all times. And if you’re like me, sometimes you have more than a few bottles! If you don’t have the space to store them all in your fridge, then you may need to invest in a wine cooler. But with so many models and brands on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one. In this article, I’ll give you some tips on how to select the perfect best 8-bottle wine cooler for your needs.

Temperature Zones

Wine coolers come in a variety of temperature options, including single, dual or multiple. A single-temperature wine chiller may suffice if you only have one type of wine. You’ll get more enjoyment from both white and red wine.

Freestanding vs. Built-in

Freestanding models, as the name suggests, are freestanding. You can store them in any part of your house. Built-in models, on the other hand, can be fitted into pre-existing spaces, such as a kitchen cabinet. Built-in wine coolers have the advantage of giving your kitchen a cleaner look.

Extra Features

You have a number of options to help you make your choice. Many wine coolers have adjustable temperature settings, which allow you to adjust the temperature of the unit at any time. You can store all types of wine, reds, and whites alike without worrying about their consistency or flavor.

The self-closing door is another popular feature. This means that it automatically closes behind you when you open it. This prevents accidental spillages and makes it easy to move quickly.

Other features include lights and lockable doors, digital controls as well as reversible hinges that can be used by left-handed users. There are also adjustable shelves.

Control Panel

It is important to look at the control panel as it is crucial to choose a model with digital controls. These controls are more precise and easier to use. Hand dials can sometimes become stuck and break, making them less reliable. Digital control systems of 8-bottle wine cooler feature touch-sensitive buttons that have LED lights behind them. This allows you to see exactly what setting is being changed, no matter what time it is.

Security and Locks

This feature is increasingly common on wine coolers as well as wine rack systems. A few units have a locking mechanism that is usually equipped with a key. It can serve two purposes. It can be used to keep expensive wines safe in the event of a home invasion. They are also used to keep curious children away.


Even if you don’t drink wine, a wine fridge is still a great investment. They can help you store and chill any kind of beverage, from beer to soda to juice. Plus, they look great in any kitchen! If you’re looking for an 8-bottle wine cooler for your home, be sure to check out our top eight picks. We’ve got something for everyone, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Thanks for reading!

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