11 Best Air Fryers For Family Of 4: 2022 Reviews & Top Picks

Baking delicious, healthy food has been made easier with the invention of air fryers. Air fryers are using hot air circulation to cook food in a healthier way. Air fryers are also known as convection ovens and are becoming more popular in households. Looking for the best air fryer for family of 4? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. The following is your ultimate guide for our reviewed and most recommended options for 2022.

What Size Is The Best Air Fryer For a Family Of 4?

Air fryers are a great way to cook your food without all the fat and calories. They’ve been around a while and have gained popularity in recent years. But which air fryer is best for you? There are several different sizes available, so it’s important to know what size air fryer you need before purchasing one.

For example, if you live alone in a studio apartment and don’t cook for anyone else, then you may only need a small 1-3 quart air fryer. However, if you’re looking for an appliance that can feed the whole family of 4, then a larger 5-9 quart air fryer might be more suitable.

Air fryers can vary greatly in size, so be sure to measure your kitchen cabinets before buying one. If there isn’t enough space, then you may have difficulty storing it when not in use or using it because it won’t fit on your countertop or tabletop.

It’s also important to consider how often you plan on using your air fryer and what types of foods you want to cook with it. For example: if you plan on cooking large batches of fries or wings once a week then getting one with a bigger capacity will be beneficial for saving time and energy during cooking sessions.

The Importance Of An Air Fryer In The Culinary World

The air fryer has become a popular household appliance and is used by many people to cook food. This device creates heat via air, not oil, which means that you can enjoy the same crispy texture as your favorite fried foods without all of the grease and fat. The air fryer also allows you to cook foods quickly and evenly, which means that you can save time and money in the kitchen.

Healthier Diets

If you are looking for ways to eat healthier, then an air fryer is a great way to start. Cooking foods with oil adds unnecessary calories and fat. Using an air fryer gives you a way to enjoy all of your favorite fried foods without any added fat or calories. You can still have crispy french fries and delicious onion rings without any guilt!

Optimal The Cooking Time and Process

Air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food, which cooks it at an optimal temperature every time. This means that your fries will be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside every time! There is no need for any guesswork when cooking with an air fryer because it will tell you exactly when your food is ready. This allows you to spend less time in front of the stove making sure that everything comes out perfect!


One of the best things about air fryers is their versatility. They can be used as a replacement for deep fryers and ovens, saving you time and energy. They also provide a healthier alternative because they don’t use as much oil. You can make everything from chicken wings to French fries in your air fryer, all while using minimal oil and calories!


Air fryers are also cost-effective compared to other cooking methods because they take up less space on your kitchen countertop and there’s no need for additional tools or equipment (like oil). This means they’re great additions to small kitchens or apartments where space is limited!

11 Best Air Fryer For Family Of 4

Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer that Cooks


Ninja AF161 Air Fryer is a versatile appliance that can be used to cook a wide range of foods. It comes with 7 cooking functions consisting of air fry, reheat, roast, and dehydrate. The amount of oil or fat used for cooking can be reduced by as much as 75% compared to deep-frying methods.

The ceramic-coating basket ensures the perfect non-stick surface and can be easily cleaned with a soapy sponge or cloth. The basket has a family-sized capacity of 5.5 quarts and is able to hold up to 2 lbs of food at any given time. It has max crisp technology which produces 450-degree hot air that ensures consistent cooking results without burning your food or leaving it undercooked.

The appliance is also equipped with an automatic 30-minute timer feature that allows you to set it and walk away while your food is being cooked without worrying about overcooking it or burning it on the bottom as well as an automatic shut-off feature after the cooking cycle is completed.

What we like

  • It’s a high-quality air fryer with a long life span
  • It’s easy to use and easy to clean
  • Competitive price with big capacity (5.5L)

GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer – Best for Budget


The GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer is an appliance that fits a large family, it can be used in almost any kind of cooking. It features a large capacity and comes with 8 cooking programs for shrimp, steak, fish, pork, cake, chicken, chips, and pizza. This air fryer comes with an automatic shutoff feature when your food is ready so there’s no need for you to worry about overcooking it or leaving it unattended while in use.

The touch screen display makes it easy to set the timer and temperature during the cooking cycle. You can also adjust the settings during the cooking process by the start/stop button. The product comes with a period shaking alarm every 5, 10, or 15 minutes to ensure that your food is cooked perfectly.

The powerful performance of this air fryer is due to its Rapid Air technology which circulates hot air around your food at a high speed to simulate deep frying without using oil or grease. This not only saves you time but also helps you reduce calories when preparing your favorite dishes at home.

What we like

  • Versatile and very easy to operate.
  • 8 programmed settings for various dishes: chips, cake, shrimp, steak, chicken, pork, etc.
  • A built-in timer and auto-alarm with a beep alert remind you to shake the item periodically.
  • Easy to clean (non-stick plates).

Ultrean Air Fryer 6 Quart


The Ultrean Air Fryer 6 Quart is rated by us as the best air fryer for family of 4 because it is a multifunctional model (used to cook seven different types of food). It comes with advanced Rapid Air technology which makes sure that your food is cooked evenly and healthy, with 80% less oil or fat. The LCD touch-screen display allows you to adjust the temperature and timer for manual settings.

This air fryer has a scratch-consistent and ergonomic design, making it easy to use and clean. The air fryer comes with 7 presets for specific foods like fish, chips, meat, steak, shrimp, cake, or chicken. You can also set your desired temperature and time for each preset so that your food will be cooked exactly according to your preference.

If you need more control over your cooking process, you can use the manual setting which allows you to set the temperature between 170°F – 400°F (77°C – 204°C) or 30 minutes – 1 hour 15 minutes depending on how much time you want to spend cooking your food.

What we like

  • Can cook seven different types of food.
  • Come with advanced Rapid Air technology
  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Easy to clean when cleaning the filter

COSORI Pro Air Fryer Oven Combo – Best Versatile


COSORI Pro Air Fryer Oven Combo has 11 preset cooking functions including roast, bake, grill, sauté, pizza, cookies, chicken wings, fish fillets, ribs, potato wedges, and steak. The toaster oven has 5 preset cooking functions (bake/broil/toast/warm).

With this 2-in-1 combo, you can cook a variety of meals with less oil and less time. The air fryer features a nonstick basket for easy cleaning. You can also use it to boil water or keep your food warm. It comes with a recipe book with 50 recipes for both the air fryer and the toaster oven.

It is equipped with a Shake Reminder function which reminds you to shake your food halfway through the cooking process so it gets evenly cooked. It also has an auto shut-off function which automatically shuts down after 30 minutes of non-use so you don’t run out of battery power while cooking your meal.

What we like

  • It has the ability to grill, cook and slow-cook your favorite foods.
  • It can become a made-to-order omelet maker.
  • You can use it as an egg cooker in the morning for breakfast.
  • The smell is not as pungent as that of other air fryers.

DASH Deluxe Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker


You cook delicious fried food without oil or fat with the best air fryer for family of 4 from DASH. It’s compact, convenient, and easy to clean. The 6-quart capacity provides enough space for cooking various dishes at once.

Using Air Crisp technology, this electric air fryer helps you reduce around 75% oil or fat without compromising on the flavor of your fried food. The cool-touch handle makes it safe for you to open the lid even when it’s hot inside so that you won’t burn yourself while cooking.

Its easy-to-use control panel lets you choose from two preset temperatures and an adjustable temperature setting so that you can enjoy crispy, crunchy meals every time. You can also set a 30-minute timer that automatically shuts off after cooking for an hour to prevent over-cooking. This product comes with a removable mesh basket and nonstick coating on the bowl so that cleaning up is easy as well!

What we like

  • Very easy to use.
  • Adjustable temperature control.
  • Crispy and crunchy food.

Philips Premium Airfryer XXL


The Philips Premium AirFryer XXL has a digital display and control panel that makes it easy to set the time and temperature. The device uses Fat Removal technology to capture and remove 90% of the fat from your dishes. It also has a 4x faster than a regular oven cooking speed, which is great for people who don’t have much time to cook dinner.

The device comes with five preset modes that make it easy for you to prepare meals like fries, chicken wings, pizza, fish fillets, and more. You can also use it as an oven or a grill by simply selecting the appropriate mode on the device’s control panel. It comes with two baskets so that you can cook multiple dishes at once without having them mix together.

It has a large 7-quart capacity that can be enough for up to 6 people if you’re planning on serving smaller portions of food instead of having everyone eat separately from one another. The device comes with two racks so that you can cook two different types of food at once without having them mix together in the process.

What we like

  • A large 7-quart capacity works for up to 6 people
  • The device has two racks so that you can cook multiple dishes at the same time without them getting mixed together
  • It’s easy to use and comes with a number of preset settings for different types of food like fry, grill, oven, and pizza modes

CHEFMAN Large Air Fryer Max XL 8 Qt


The Chefman Large Air Fryer Max XL is a powerful air fryer that’s perfect for families of 4 and busy households. It comes with a large basket to maximize the cooking space, making it ideal for bigger meals. It also has an LED shake reminder that will notify you when your food is done cooking.

It is designed to save you time and money by using less oil, while still ensuring that your food remains crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. This air fryer has 8 quarts of capacity and can cook up to 5 lbs of food at once. It also comes with four built-in preset cooking programs: meat, fish, chips, and chicken. These preset allow you to cook different types of dishes without having to worry about adjusting settings yourself.

With this air fryer, you can cook your favorite foods without having to worry about using too much oil or heating up your kitchen! The built-in timer allows you to set the cooking time from 60 minutes up to 120 minutes so that your food will be cooked perfectly every time! When finished cooking, this air fryer automatically turns off for added safety!

What we like

  • Crispy crust and tender inside
  • Built-in timer for poaching and baking
  • Saves oil compared to conventional air fryers
  • Perfect for the whole family, no matter how big or small!

Instant Pot Vortex 6QT Large Air Fryer Oven Combo


If you are looking for large-capacity air fryers, then the Instant Pot Vortex 6QT might be the model you should not miss. This combo cooker comes with a 6-quart air fryer and an oven that’s able to bake, roast, and toast your favorite foods. It makes cooking easier than ever before.

It uses a patented cooking technology to cook food up to 70% faster than traditional methods while using up to 95% less oil. The air fryer is perfect for all kinds of foods, including chicken wings, French fries, fried fish, steak strips, and more. It also has a delayed start timer so you can program your food to cook when you want it to.

The oven can be used for everything from baking cakes and cookies to roasting meats and vegetables. It has four programs: bake, roast, toast, and reheat. The versatile design allows you to cook various types of food at the same time without taking up too much space on your countertop or in your kitchen cabinet. The large capacity allows you to cook up to six pounds of food at once!

What we like

  • Perfect size for cooking a lot of food at once.
  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile cooking options.

Cuisinart TOA-65 Digital AirFryer Toaster Oven


The Cuisinart TOA-65 is one of our best air fryer toaster ovens, and it’s also perfect for a family of 4. It can handle all the cooking that you need it to do, from slow cook to dehydrating and even proof bread. It features a 7.5-quart capacity, which is more than enough to cook a meal for four people.

It has an adjustable temperature range of 80 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and an adjustable timer with up to 30 minutes in 1-minute increments. The digital display makes it easy for you to set your desired temperature and timer, as well as monitor your cooking progress throughout the day.

It comes with a high-performance motor, fan, and heater system that ensures optimal cooking results every time. This means that your food will be cooked evenly with no hot spots or cold spots in your food like you might find in other models. In addition, it has an insulated double door design that helps keep heat inside the unit so that your food stays warm until you’re ready to eat!

What we like

  • It has a small footprint, so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space in your kitchen
  • It’s easy to use and clean because the tray, basket, and lid are dishwasher safe
  • It’s very affordable—a great value for the price!

Instant Vortex Plus 10-Quart Air Fryer – Best With Rotisserie


The Instant Vortex Plus 10-Quart Air Fryer is an ideal model for 4 people that can be used for cooking whole chicken, fish, and other food items. The cooker has a large capacity, which means you can cook more food at the same time. It is easy to use and clean with the help of its digital display.

It comes with many useful accessories that make cooking easy and fun. For example, it comes with a basket, basket cover, steam rack, manual, and recipe book. This cooker is packed with versatile 7 presets like rotisserie, air fry, bake, roast, broil, dehydrate and reheat with a quick preheating time of just 5 minutes so that you don’t have to wait long before eating your favorite food.

EvenCrisp technology is used in this air fryer which ensures even cooking of the food inside without any hot spots that burn your food easily. You can also adjust the temperature to suit your taste or preference as well as control time from 30 seconds to 60 minutes depending on what you need from your machine.

What we like

  • Cooks food evenly
  • Affordable price
  • Consistent results every time it is used
  • Great for beginners who are new to air frying

NUWAVE Brio 7-in-1 Air Fryer Oven


The NUWAVE Brio 7-in-1 Air Fryer Oven can prepare healthy meals in minutes. This air fryer has a rotating glass pan that constantly changes the temperature of the food, allowing you to cook healthier fried foods. The Brio features a touch screen control panel that allows you to choose from 100 pre-programmed menus presets and convenience functions built-in.

Use the Chef Mode feature to automatically adjust cooking time and temperature based on your selection. This function also enables you to enter your own recipes or create your own custom presets. It also allows you to turn off the timer, which is useful when you are using an external timer or an app like Alexa with voice commands.

With this air fryer, you can make adjustments on-the-fly with temperature settings from 50°F to 400°F in precise 5°F increments. You don’t have to wait long for food to cook as this appliance cooks fast and effectively. The crisp, crunchy texture and taste of fried foods without all the fat, calories, and mess!

What we like

  • The air fryer is easy to use.
  • The touch screen buttons are responsive and you can easily select the functions and settings you need.
  • The air fryer is well-built, with quality materials used.

Buying Guide For The Best Air Fryer For Family Of 4

Air fryers are a recent phenomenon in the food industry, and they have taken the market by storm. They use hot air to fry foods, which means there is no oil involved. This makes them a healthier alternative to deep frying foods.

The best air fryer for a family of 4 has some unique features that make it stand out from other models. Here are some of these features:


If you want to buy an air fryer for your family, you will have many different styles to choose from. You can get a traditional design or something more modern. There are even some that look like waffle makers. You should decide which one you prefer before making a purchase.

Power Wattage

The power wattage of the air fryer will determine how much food it can cook at once. If you plan on cooking large amounts of food, then you will need something with a higher power wattage. This will allow you to cook more than one item at once if necessary and save time in the process.


You will also want an air fryer with a wide range of temperatures so that you can adjust the heat as needed. If you have ever cooked something in an oven before, then you know exactly how important this feature is when it comes to cooking certain types of foods like chicken or fish. You don’t want to burn anything because it was too hot, so having this option is very beneficial for people who don’t know what they’re doing yet with their new appliance!

Timing Range

The timing range is the amount of time it takes for food to be cooked in an air fryer. The best air fryer for family of four should have a wide timing range so that you can cook different types of food within one single device. For instance, some air fryers have a maximum timing range of 30 minutes while others have a maximum timing range of 40 minutes or more. For optimal performance, look for an air fryer with a wider timing range instead of one with a shorter one.


The accessories included in an air fryer are important because they help you prepare various dishes without much effort on your part. Some accessories include measuring cups and spoons, recipe books and more. The best manufacturers know that accessories play an important role in making cooking easier and more enjoyable so they offer their products with different kinds of accessories that make using their products even better than expected!


The cost of air fryers can range from $30 to $200. The main factors that determine the price are the size of the air fryer, the wattage, and the material. If you want to buy an air fryer for your family, then you should go for a larger one that can accommodate more food. You can also look out for discounts or special offers on large air fryers so that you get it at a lower cost.


Most manufacturers offer one year warranty on their products. This means that if anything happens to your device during this time period, then they will repair it or replace it free of cost. After that period, some manufacturers allow users to contact them for repairs or replacements by paying a small amount as a service charge.

Tips To Clean And Maintain Your Air Fryer

Cleaning your air fryer is a simple process, but it’s important to do it correctly. The good news is that you can clean your air fryer in just a few minutes.

Here are some tips to clean and maintain your air fryer:

  • Clean the basket after each use. After you’re done cooking, wipe down the basket with a damp cloth or sponge. If there are any food remnants stuck in the basket, use tongs or a cleaning brush to remove them.
  • Remove the non-stick coating on the basket by using hot water and dish soap. This will prevent food from sticking to the basket, which can make cleaning more difficult later on.
  • Use salt or lemon juice to remove burnt smells from your air fryer. Make sure that no food is left on the inside of your air fryer before adding these ingredients for cleaning purposes only!
  • Clean out excess grease from inside of your air fryer by wiping it down with paper towels or rags that have been soaked in water and baking soda or vinegar.


Can I Use Oil In My Air Fryer?

The short answer is yes, but it might not be the best choice. The longer answer is that the oil will help the food cook more quickly, but it also adds a lot of fat and calories to your meal. If you’re trying to eat healthier, then you may want to skip the oil or just use a very small amount.

In addition to adding extra calories, using oil in an air fryer can cause some messes. You need a lot less oil than you would normally use when deep frying foods. As a result, you’ll have grease splattering all over your kitchen if you don’t keep an eye on things while they’re cooking.

Can I Cook 2 Different Dishes At The Same Time In An Air Fryer?

Yes, you can. You can cook 2 different dishes at the same time in an air fryer. If you need to cook something that takes a long time and something else that takes only a few minutes, then you can do it all at once.

Air Fryers are great because they allow you to cook more than one thing at once. That way, if you’re cooking with your family or friends, you don’t have to wait for each dish to finish before starting another one. This is especially helpful if there are kids involved who want their food right away!

The main thing that will determine whether or not your air fryer can handle multiple dishes is the size of the basket that comes with it. Some air fryers have baskets big enough for two different things, while others don’t have enough space for more than one item at a time (like when you cook fish).

Is There Any Drawback When Using An Air Fryer?

The main drawback of using an air fryer is that it only works with small quantities of food because there’s not enough room in the basket for large amounts of food. This means that you have to cook multiple batches if you want to make more than a few pieces at a time.

Another drawback is that air fryers don’t heat up as quickly as electric ovens do, which means that your food will take longer to cook than if you had used an electric oven or stovetop method. Air fryers also tend to be noisy, so you won’t be able to watch TV while cooking with one!

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we hope that you enjoyed reading this article on the best air fryer for family of 4. We know that it was rather long and there is a lot of information to digest in one article. However, since there are so many products on the market, we wanted to make sure that we included some of the most important features to look at when making your purchase decision.

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