10 Best BBQ in Nashville: Top Recommendations In 2022

It’s summertime and that means BBQ season. Nashville is known for its BBQ, but where should you go to find the best? I’ve compiled a list of great places to get your fix this summer! Read our blog post about the best BBQ in Nashville today.

What Is the Best BBQ in Nashville

1. Peg Leg Porker BBQ

Jay C. Said: I had my first experience with Peg Leg Porker BBQ today and it was amazing. I don’t know anyone in Nashville, so I wanted to go somewhere that would be a good place for me to meet new people. As soon as I walked into the bar, they welcomed me with open arms and were always asking if there was anything they could do for me. It felt like old friends coming together. They have great food at really reasonable prices; it’s better than any other meat market I’ve ever been to (plus their drinks are cheap). Definitely recommend this place to everyone who’s looking for something new or wants a welcoming community atmosphere!

Address: 903 Gleaves St, Nashville

Phone: (615) 829-6023

Peg Leg Porker BBQ

2. HoneyFire BBQ

C.J. Bush said: I walked into the restaurant, and my stomach grumbled. I had been waiting to eat at HoneyFire BBQ for a few days now, and it was finally time. The staff here is very nice, they always greet you with a smile when you walk in even if they are really busy.  They have both indoor and outdoor seating which means that no matter what the weather’s like outside or how hot it is inside this place will be comfortable no matter where you sit.  Their food is amazing! All of their meats are delicious! My favorite things on the menu are their pulled pork sandwich (with coleslaw!) and macaroni salad – yum!!

Address: 8127 Sawyer Brown Rd #304, Nashville

Phone: (615) 739-6121

HoneyFire BBQ

3. Shotgun Willie’s BBQ

Dick Terpstra said: I had the pleasure of visiting Shotgun Willie’s this week, and I’m so glad that I did. The down-home atmosphere is just what you need after a long day on the road. They have fantastic BBQ, good beer on tap, and excellent service – they even have a karaoke machine! Bill was my server for the evening and he made me feel right at home with his friendly demeanor. It’s clear to me that all of their employees are treated well here because everyone who passed by stopped to greet us or chat about their day while we were there. This place has become one of my favorite “Mom & Pop” places in Nashville thanks to them!

Address: 4000 Gallatin Pike Suite B, Nashville

Phone: (615) 942-9188

4. Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint

Nikola Kirchhoff said: The smell of the whole-hog pit-fired BBQ at Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint is mouthwatering. It’s always great to get out and enjoy some good food with friends, especially when you’re at one of Nashville’s best BBQ spots. The atmosphere here is lively, parking is free (and if not, there are plenty of street parking spaces), there are lots of beer choices on tap in the bar area including a couple rotating taps for something new every week or so, and the staff is friendly. I love coming here for lunch or dinner with my buddies to grab a bite before we hit up Broadway – it’s just about five minutes away from all that fun!

Address: 3108 Belmont Blvd, Nashville

Phone: +16152001181

Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint

5. Ooh Wee Bar-B-Q

Martin Hrabe said: I was in Nashville visiting my parents for a few days and it had been forever since I had that good ole Tennessee home cooking. So I took to Yelp and found this place called Ooh Wee Bar-B-Q. I knew the name because I used to live close by, but what really got me were the reviews so many people said it’s the best BBQ joint in town hands down. When we walked up there weren’t too many people around, but as soon as we walked inside you could smell it! It smelled like heaven, you should have seen my mother’s face light up with excitement. She hasn’t tasted anything like that since her childhood days of pig roasts at family reunions.

Address: 2008 Jefferson St, Nashville

Phone: +16152007191

6. Jack Cawthon’s Bar-B-Que

Brian Bernal Sanhueza said: I was in Nashville visiting my girlfriend and we were craving some BBQ. I had never been to Jack Cawthon’s before but when she told me it was her favorite spot, I made sure not to screw up the order. We ordered the 3 meat combo with smoked turkey, sausage with brisket. The food is phenomenal! My favorite part of this place is that they have an excellent drive-thru for convenience when you’re on the go. It gets a solid 5 stars from me on Yelp because of their great customer service, clean sitting area, good food & killer drive-thru that will make your mouth water!

Address: 1601 Charlotte Ave, Nashville

Phone: +16153410157

Jack Cawthon's Bar-B-Que

7. Edley’s Bar-B-Que

Angela C said: Edley’s Bar-B-Que is a nice place to eat. The food was amazing and the staff was friendly and helpful. I ordered burnt ends brisket, a pork sandwich, and a salad. They arrived very quickly and it all tasted delicious! My favorite part of the experience was sitting outside at one of their many tables with my friends while we ate our dinner together, enjoying the warmth of good company on such an unseasonably cold evening–I’ll be back soon!

Address: 2706 12th Ave S, Nashville

Phone: +16159532951

8. Tex’s World Famous Bar-B-Q

James Robertson said: I remember the first time I came to Tex’s World Famous Bar-B-Q. I had just moved to Nashville and was looking for a place that would be like home. When I walked into this restaurant, it felt like home. The staff is incredibly friendly and always cutting up with you because they are social people who want to get along with everyone! They have plates, sandwiches & classic sides doled out in rustic-funky digs during weekday lunch hours only.

Address: 1013 Foster Ave, Nashville

Phone: +16152548715


Darrin Buxman said: I was craving some BBQ, but I really didn’t want to cook myself. The worst feeling is coming home from a long day at work and then having to start cooking dinner. So, on my way out of the office, I thought about where would be the best place BBQ near me to get good food at a good price. MISSION BBQ sounded like an easy choice because it’s casual dining with great prices AND they have 6 different sauces! My mouth started watering just thinking about how tender their pulled pork would be–it was so delicious!

Address: 161 Opry Mills Dr, Nashville

Phone: +16159335225


10. Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q

Emma Shelton said: I am a die-hard fan of Jim N Nick’s Bar-B-Q. I love their food, and they have the best BBQ in town. It is not only my favorite restaurant but also the most popular one in town. People say that if you’ve never been to JimNNick’s then you’re missing out on life. I think it has something to do with their sauce; it tastes like heaven, even when you’re just dipping your fries in it! As soon as I finished eating lunch there today, I went home and told everyone about how great the place was.

Address: 7004 Charlotte Pike, Nashville

Phone: +16153525777

Final Thoughts about Best BBQ in Nashville

Nashville has so many great food options it’s hard to know where to start. One of the best BBQ in Nashville is Peg Leg Porker – they have a delicious selection of smoked meats and even better sauces! If you are looking for more information on this local favorite, read our blog post about their most popular dishes today.  We hope that we’ve helped you find your next stop with some helpful suggestions from one of the best BBQ restaurants downtown.

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