What Is A Breve? Things You Should Know About This Beverage!

Breve coffee is an amazing new drink that you might not have heard of yet. It’s a blend of coffee, butter, and heavy cream to give it the rich flavor that makes Breve different from any other coffee on the market today. The high-fat content in this beverage will make it more filling than your average cup of joe while also providing you with all the benefits associated with drinking coffee like increased focus and energy levels.

This guide will take you through everything there is to know about this delicious drink so keep reading!

What Is A Breve Coffee?

Breve is a blend of half and half and espresso, getting its name from the Latin word “brevis,” meaning brief. This drink has recently gained a lot of attention for being a tasty, creamy beverage that’s healthier than regular cappuccinos or lattes.

The main reason that breve coffee has become so popular is because of its creaminess. In addition, unlike other drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos, it already contains a natural sweetness that allows customers to forego adding extra sugar or syrup. It’s also been praised for being a healthy option since it uses half and half which has much less fat than heavy cream.

The Benefits of Drinking Breve Coffee

Breve coffee is a fantastic drink that has many benefits for your health. It is commonly known as half-and-half, meaning it contains half cream and half milk which makes the delicious taste of the beverage even more enjoyable. Here are why you should start drinking breve coffee on a daily basis:

1. It is high in protein making it great for your muscles

Breve contains high quantities of protein. This means that it is fantastic for building lean muscle mass. With this, you can experience better workouts and more significant results with your resistance training! Also, breve coffee is low in carbohydrates which makes it much healthier than other drinks like full-fat milk or almond milk.

2. It is great for your bones

Breve coffee is packed with calcium which makes it fantastic for strong and healthy bones. Not only that, but breve coffee is an amazing source of Vitamin D which prevents the weakening of the bones which can lead to health complications like osteoporosis or other bone diseases. A great solution to get your daily intake of calcium is to drink a glass of breve coffee in the morning.

3. It keeps you hydrated

Breve milk contains high quantities of sodium that help with your body’s hydration levels. This means that drinking breve coffee on a regular basis will keep you feeling good throughout the day without the need to constantly drink water, which can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable.

4. You will lose weight

Breve coffee is a great solution if you wish to lose weight. With breve, there is no need for high quantities of cream or milk which results in fewer calories and less fat! This means that you can enjoy delicious breve coffee without feeling guilty about it.

5. It contains vital nutrients for your body

It also contains high quantities of Vitamin B, calcium, iron, and vitamin A! This means that drinking breve coffee once or twice a day will provide your body with the necessary nutrients to function properly throughout the day.

 6. It can help prevent cancer and heart disease

Research has shown that drinking breve coffee on a daily basis is great for preventing or delaying tumor development in your body, which reduces the risk of getting cancer. Also, it helps prevent cardiovascular disease which leads to healthier arteries and stronger heart health! This means that you could be preventing yourself from getting serious health problems that can affect your daily life.

7. It keeps you looking young and feeling beautiful

Breve coffee’s healthy nutrients not only benefit your body but also keep your skin healthy, boosting its natural beauty! This means that you will feel better about yourself every time you look in the mirror.

What Type of Milk is Used In a Breve?

The milk that is used in a breve would depend on the location and preference of the barista. In America, it is most common for customers to order a breve which means they expect to receive steamed half and half. This gives more flavor than heavy cream and can still be used for lattes and mochas.

However, some coffee shops may opt to use whole milk rather than half and a half if they do not want any of the cream to show up at the top of the drink. This is because of how heavy or light the creme will be depending on which type is used. If using whole milk, it should be steamed for a shorter period of time because it is already thicker than half and half.

Breve Coffee Vs Cappuccino

At first glance, these two drinks may seem similar, but they are actually very different. Cappuccinos have milk foam that rises above the cup while breve coffee has a layer of foam on top. This is because of the different ratios of steamed milk and foam in each drink.

The cappuccino has more foam than breve coffee and it also uses a different ratio for its ingredients: 4 parts milk, 1 part espresso, and 1 part foam. Another difference between these two drinks is that breve coffee usually doesn’t contain any chocolate powder.

How To Make a Breve Latte?

The breve latte is a coffee shop favorite. But if you don’t know how to make one, you might be disappointed with the taste or texture. The key ingredient in a breve latte is steamed milk, which means that by default it’s going to have more foam than a regular cup of coffee would.

To get the best results from this recipe, use an espresso machine and not your typical drip maker. It will take some time for the milk to steam properly without burning on the bottom, so plan accordingly! You’ll also need two cups for this drink – one for making and one as your final destination (so you can enjoy). Now that we’ve got all our ingredients together let’s dive into what goes into each step through the following video:

The Best Places To Get Breve Coffee In Your City

Breve coffee is the new black. People are falling in love with this rich and creamy milk-based beverage. But where can you find breve near you? Here’s a list of the best places to buy breve coffee in your city:

1) The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – This place has been around since 1963, so it’s one of the most reliable sources for an authentic cup of breve. They have locations all over California as well as spots in Nevada, Arizona, Texas, New York City, and Hawaii!

2) Starbucks – It might be hard to believe that such a mainstream company would sell such a niche product but they do! You can order their version which is made from whole milk and it is delicious.

3) Coffee N’ Cream – This place has the coolest name and also serves coffee with cream! They are based out of Virginia, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to track them down when you need that extra caffeinated kick.

4) The Double Dose Cafe – This is a great spot to grab a cup of coffee and do some people-watching. They also serve breve.

5) White Rhino Coffee – This place is located in Seattle and serves up all kinds of caffeinated beverages including breve!

6) Cafe Nola – Coffee flavored desserts are their specialty, but you can order a marvelous caramel breve latte here as well. Get your fix in New Orleans, LA.

7) Caffeine Underground – If you are ever in the mood for authentic espresso drinks head over to this cute shop located right off of Rittenhouse Square Park in Philadelphia, PA.

8) Handlebar Coffee – You can order breve at this spot that is focused on locally sourced beans. That’s a win-win! This place is located in San Diego, CA.

9) The HotChocolate Cafe – This is the perfect place for hot chocolate fans to live out their breve dreams… and it’s located right in Pittsburgh, PA!

10) Molly Moon’s Ice Cream – Did you know that they started out as an ice cream shop before branching off to selling their own line of breve coffee? This place gets bonus points because you can get breve in a cone! You can find them in Seattle and Chicago.


Breve coffee is a milk-based espresso drink that uses Colombian Arabica beans as its base and cool breve milk as its main ingredient. It can also be enhanced with syrups, powders, or flavored cream to provide different flavors for the end consumer. The only downside of this type of beverage is that it only takes a few minutes to make.

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