Calzone Vs Stromboli: How Are They Different?

Calzone and stromboli are two well-known quick-to-eat pizza variations. However, there is much debate regarding where the distinction between delectable foods should be drawn.

That’s because they frequently contain the same or comparable components and are prepared in the same manner. There are, however, a few easy techniques to distinguish them.

Calzone vs. stromboli: What are their differences? If you are curious for a detailed explanation, click on this article to discover more!

What Is Calzone? 

Calzone is an Italian baked dessert formed with a pizza dough wrapped into a crescent shape, loaded with ingredients, and dipped in egg white to give it gloss.

It derives from the Italian term “calze,” which means wrap or stockings, and has its origin in Naples, Italy, in the 18th century.

The name alludes to the calzone’s portability as a portion of food for on-the-go people.

It is a versatile dish, which means you can add or adjust various ingredients as the fillings depending on your taste.

Yet, you need to include the soul of the dish like cheese, ricotta, vegetables, and meats.

This dish will also be most delicious when you enjoy sauces like marinara or tomato sauce.


What Is Stromboli? 

A stromboli is a meal that originated in Italy but has been widespread in the United States since the 1950s.

The main ingredient used to make its crust is bread dough or pizza dough. Chefs will then top it with mozzarella cheeses, meats, and sauces before spiraling it to form a cylindrical shape.

You can load it with Italian pork like capicola or salami, cheese, and vegetables like spinach or bell peppers, which are the same sandwich ingredients.

It is also versatile, allowing you to add extra ingredients as long as they are not wet, such as mushrooms or onions in the fillings.


Calzone Vs. Stromboli Comparison

As you can see, the two pizza variants contain almost the same ingredients, which makes people confused to distinguish them.

Waiting any longer! Here are the main factors that help you realize their differences. Let’s take a closer look!

The Origin 

The calzone and stromboli are also relatively new culinary creations. The calzone, however, predates the stromboli.

Calzone comes from Naples, Italy, in the 18th century as a famous food like a portable pizza for on-the-go people.

On the other hand, stromboli derives from America in the 1950s. It might have originated in a Philadelphia Italian neighborhood.

The Preparation

Calzone has only one way for its preparation.

It’s a pizza crust that’s been folded into a cylindrical shape and topped with mozzarella, meats, or veggies over one side.

The circular crust is then rolled into a half-moon form, sealed, and baked.

However, there are numerous stromboli variants. The most common preparations are as follows:

  • Option 1: Spread toppings over the dough, roll it up, and bake it.
  • Option 2: Spread toppings over the dough, wrap it up, and bake it.
  • Option 3: Put toppings into an Italian bread and bake it until mozzarella cheese melts on top.
Diverse ways for preparation

The Sealing Technique

The calzone is commonly folded into the shape of a crescent. And then, it is pinched or crimped to seal the seams of the dough.

Meanwhile, you have to put the toppings on the stromboli dough, then it is rolled, and you need to fold the ends to seal them with the side down seams.

The Fillings

Pizza ingredients, including cheeses, vegetables, and meats, are used in stromboli and calzones.

While calzone includes ricotta cheese, its counterpart contains mozzarella cheese or sometimes provolone to reduce moisture.

Instead of the sausage and pepperoni found in the calzone, stromboli frequently uses meats commonly found in sandwiches, like ham or salami.

The fillings are not the same.


The Size 

The calzone is much smaller than its counterpart when it comes to size. That’s because you can roll stromboli with various ingredients over the dough.

The Sauce

You will use pizza sauce or marinara sauce to dip your calzone inside or pour the sauce alongside the calzone. You will spread the sauce directly on top of the dough, rolling it up before baking it.

The Way Of Serving

You can serve the calzone with any side dish that goes well with pizza, like a green salad. Since the spinach might be a little bitter, try incorporating some sweetener, such as dried fruit, into the salads.

Because stromboli contains many processed foods, a salad with a vinegar-based dressing would be an excellent supplement.

The ways of serving are not similar.


A typical calzone filled with spinach and ricotta has less than 300 calories.

The fillings will change the calorie content. The addition of red sauce on the outside before serving does not significantly increase the caloric intake.

The caloric intake in this convenient and straightforward stromboli recipe is around 900. It’s a meat-heavy dish with a lot of protein.

If you’re worried about salt but still crave pizza, build your homemade stromboli with low-salt salami and mozzarella for lower sodium.

Calzone  Stromboli
Origin Italy America
Preparation one way various ways
Sealing technique folded into the crescent shape toppings poured on the dough, roll it up
Fillings ricotta cheese mozzarella cheese
Size Smaller Bigger
Sauce dipped sauce processed sauce
Way of serving  with green salad salad with a vinegar-based dressing
Calories 300 900

How To Make Calzon? 

This dish is relatively hard and complicated to make the crust and the sauce. So, it would be best if you bought these things from the store.

Here are easy steps to make this dish at home:

  • Step 1: Divide the dough into equal pieces and roll them into circle shapes.
  • Step 2: Distribute the toppings over one side of the dough. Pinch the ends by folding them over.
  • Step 3: Cut out air vents, oil them, and bake them for 15 minutes.
  • Step 4: Enjoy your food!

How To Make Stromboli? 

Here is the easiest and fastest way to make this dish:

  • Step 1: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Step 2: On baking parchment, roll and stretch out the dough.
  • Step 3: Spread the sauce on the pie crust, leaving approximately 2 inches around the edges. Sprinkle it with cheese, pepperoni, and Italian salami.
  • Step 4: Roll the dough up, pinch the ends to seal them, and fold the seams. Top it with seasoning cheese, and sprinkle some parsley.
  • Step 5: Bake the dish for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Step 6: Enjoy your food!

Which Is Better? 

It depends on your taste and preference. If you are too busy to prepare, you can’t go wrong with stromboli. On the other hand, calzone allows you to customize the traditional recipes into dishes with diverse flavors.

Homemade food

In A Nutshell

Now you know the differences between the two famous foods: calzone vs. stromboli entirely. In conclusion, several factors help you tell them apart, like origin, preparation, sealing technique, and many others.

Despite many distinctions, they have similar tastes, so choosing the best is challenging. It’s a matter of your preference! Thanks for reading!

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