12 Best Double Oven Gas Ranges 2022: Reviews & Buyting Tips

Lately, the kitchen has been the center of attention for homeowners. With new technology and updated appliances coming out every year, you can never be too sure what will come next. The latest trend is in the double oven gas range. This post explores the benefits of this type of range and how it will make your time in the kitchen easier than ever before!

The best double oven gas range is a versatile appliance that can be used for both baking and cooking. There are many different models with various features, so it’s important to do your research before buying one.

Double oven gas ranges are a great option for those who want the best of both worlds. It allows you to cook two different dishes at once, or one dish in each oven. Plus with a dual-oven range, you can save time and energy by cooking on only half as many burners as a standard home stovetop would require.

A double oven range is a great way to cook for large groups of people without the wait. What’s more, they offer an energy-efficient solution that can reduce your monthly utility bills. With so many different brands and models to choose from, it may be hard to find the best one for you. In this post, we’ll discuss the 12 best double oven gas ranges on the market today.  So if you’re looking for a new stovetop, keep reading!

What Is A Double Oven Gas Range?

A double oven gas range is a type of stove that has two ovens. The first oven is usually the larger one, and the second smaller one is often used for warming or keeping food warm. This provides a way to cook several dishes at once without constantly switching them from one oven to another.

Double oven gas ranges are generally bigger in comparison to single-oven models and come with greater cooking space as well as additional features like warming drawers. These sophisticated appliances are also likely to be more costly than single oven versions however they provide an abundance of functionality for the money you spend.

It has gained the respect of the industry for its exceptional performance in homes across America. If you’re in search of an award-winning model that can work all day long and every day looks no further than our selection below!

The Pros And Cons of Buying a Double Oven Gas Range


If you like cooking and entertaining large groups of people, then a double oven gas range is perfect for your home kitchen.

Save time: Cooking with a double oven gas range is very time efficient. The lower oven is great for cooking large cuts of meat or baking a pizza and the upper oven is perfect for preparing dishes that require less heat such as roasted veggies, cheesecakes, and pastries.

Streamlined cleaning: A big advantage of buying a double oven gas range is the streamlined cleaning process it offers. The racks from both the ovens can be removed and cleaned in your dishwasher which saves you countless hours scrubbing at stubborn food bits by hand.

Recipes galore: If you’re just starting out with cooking, then a double oven gas range might not be right for you just yet, but if you have been interested in expanding your skills in the kitchen, this is the perfect way to do it. With two ovens to work with, you can try out all kinds of recipes that wouldn’t normally fit in a standard oven.

Save on energy and get even heating: Another pro of owning a double oven gas range is that you’ll save on energy and get even heating. With two ovens to work with, you can cook large batches of food at once which will help you cut down on your energy bills.


Cost: It is not cheap. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive ranges you can buy. If you’re not sure that you’ll use both ovens often enough to justify the cost, then you might be better off buying a standard single oven gas range.

Installation: Installing a double oven gas range can be difficult and time-consuming. You’ll need to have an existing gas installed in your kitchen in order for it to work and you’ll also need to make sure that the range is compatible with the size of your kitchen.

Size: Double oven gas ranges are large appliances. They take up a good amount of counter space and might not be suitable for small kitchens. If you’re short on storage space, then this may not be the best appliance for you.

In conclusion, a double oven gas range is a great choice if you like to cook and entertain large groups of people. It offers time-efficient cooking and streamlined cleaning, plus tons of recipes to try out. However, it is expensive and installation can be difficult, so make sure that you weigh the pros and cons before making your final decision.

List of 12 Best Double Oven Gas Range Reviews

1. Thor Kitchen LRG4801U 48″ Stainless Steel Gas Range with Double Oven

This professional-grade 48″ double oven gas range from Thor Kitchen is perfect for the home cook who wants to bring the restaurant experience into their kitchen. With six sealed burners, a griddle, and two ovens with a combined total capacity of 6.8 cubic feet, this range has everything you need to cook up a feast. The sleek stainless steel design will look great in any kitchen, and the heavy-duty construction means it can handle even your most challenging recipes.

This double oven gas range comes with six range top burners, including a powerful broil burner and an impressive U-shape burner that’s perfect for cooking large meals. Plus, the two ovens offer plenty of space to prepare all your favorite dishes. So whether you’re an experienced chef or just starting out in the kitchen, this range is sure to meet your needs.

With two halogen lights in the main oven and one for the side oven, you can see your food perfectly while it cooks. Three layers of glass make it easy to watch your food without losing heat, and the black ABS knobs look chic and modern against the stainless steel finish. The commercial convection fan circulates the heat evenly, so your food comes out perfectly cooked every time. Plus, there’s plenty of storage space in the bottom drawer for all of your pots and pans.

The 6-burner double oven gas range is a professional-grade appliance that will make cooking easy and enjoyable. The Grey Porcelain Drip Pan makes quick and easy clean-up a breeze, while the heavy-duty continuous cast iron cooking grates make it easy to slide pots and pans from burner to burner. Plus, with adjustable legs, you can customize your range to fit perfectly in your kitchen, and the Automatic Re-Ignition safety feature ensures safe and reliable use every time.

2. Verona Prestige Series VPFSGG365DSS 36 inch All Gas Range 5 Sealed Burners Double Oven

This professional-grade range is made out of durable 304 stainless steel and features 5 sealed burners, cast-iron grates, and a double oven. The completely sealed burners make cleanup a breeze, while the stylish stainless steel construction provides long-lasting durability. Rounded oven handles make opening and closing the ovens easy and comfortable, while the sleek look will add sophistication to any kitchen. Make your culinary dreams a reality with this incredible all-double oven gas range from Verona!

The easy-to-clean porcelain oven surface makes baking and roasting a breeze, while the cast iron grates make transferring pots and pans from burner to burner easy. With adjustable stainless steel legs, you can ensure that your range will be stable no matter what culinary challenge you’re taking on. And with a full-width storage compartment for supplies, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. Plus, the turbo-electric convection fan circulates heat evenly throughout the extra-wide oven, so your food will come out perfectly every time.

This 36-inch double oven gas range is perfect for the professional cook. The cooktop has five sealed burners, each with a different BTU rating so you can create any dish you desire. The main oven has a capacity of 2.4 cubic feet and comes with an auto-ignition function for easy lighting. The second oven has a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet and is perfect for smaller dishes.

The beveled door and sleek black design give this range a look of sophistication and professionalism. The electric ignition makes it easy to light your burners, and the flame failure safety device ensures that your stove will stay lit even if something goes wrong. Plus, the full-width storage drawer gives you plenty of space to store your pots and pans. And with the new knob design, you’ll be able to control your cooking temperatures with ease. Whether you’re a professional chef or just someone who loves to cook, this range is sure to meet your needs.

The Verona double oven gas range is packed with features to make your cooking experience better than ever. The four pullout racks provide plenty of space to cook multiple dishes at once, while the cast iron wok ring lets you try your hand at stir-frying. Plus, the LP conversion kit means you can use this range with any type of fuel. It also comes with accessories: the broiler pan and grill pan makes it easy to cook up your favorite dishes. With a two-year manufacturer warranty, you can be sure this range will last for years to come.

3. Cosmo COS-EPGR486G 48 in. Slide-In Freestanding Double Gas Range

This 48-inch slide-in freestanding double oven gas range by Cosmo is perfect for the pro cook who wants ultimate control and versatility in the kitchen. With six sealed gas burners, a large convection oven, and an additional smaller oven, this range has everything you need to create incredible meals. The 18,000 BTU burner is perfect for searing meats or quickly boiling water, while the five 12,000 BTU burners provide plenty of cooking power for sauces and sides. And with a 15,000 BTU griddle built-in, you can easily cook up breakfast hashes or grilled cheese sandwiches without ever having to leave your stovetop.

The Cosmo double oven gas range is perfect for serious cooks who demand the best performance. The dual ovens are equipped with halogen lighting to make monitoring your cooking easy, and each oven has four functions: convection broil, convection bake, broil, and power burner. The removable backsplash allows you to use this stove as a freestanding model or as a slide-in model, and the stainless steel knobs are durable and easy to operate. This range is available in both natural gas and Liquid Propane models, so it’s perfect for any kitchen.

The Cosmo COS-EPGR486G is perfect for the home cook who wants a durable and reliable range with great features. This double oven gas range is constructed of sturdy stainless steel and features bright LED indicator lights, cool-to-touch oven handles, and an oven cavity cooling ventilation system. The triple-thick oven glass ensures that heat dissipates safely, while the overheating protection prevents any accidents. With a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty, this single oven gas range can be trusted to perform for years to come.

4. ZLINE 48″ 6.0 cu. ft. Dual Fuel Range with Gas Stove

Are you looking for a pro-style double oven gas range that will cook like a dream and look great in your kitchen? Look no further than the ZLINE 48″ 6.0 cu. ft. Dual Fuel Range! This range has everything you need, from an oven with plenty of space to seven different burners with varying BTUs so you can cook whatever you want however you want. The Italian-made burners are durable and easy to clean, and the ball-bearing oven racks make sliding food in and out a breeze. Plus, the front control knobs give you precise control over your cooking process.

The ZLINE double oven gas range features convection technology for fast, flavorful cooking, and a solid-piece cast iron grill that’s built to last. The StayPut Italian hinges keep the oven door firmly in place, while the ergonomic knobs provide easy control over all of your cooking needs. Whether you’re searing a steak or baking a pie, this range has everything you need to get the job done right.

With three layers of glass and dual lighting, you’ll have crystal clear visibility while cooking even your most complex dishes. Plus, with the Italian burners, this range offers superior heat distribution and durability that’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty on parts – so you can cook with confidence for years to come.

5. Thor Kitchen HRG4808U 48 in. Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range with Double Oven

This Thor Kitchen double oven gas range is professional-grade and perfect for the home cook who wants the power and performance of a restaurant-style stove. The 6 sealed burners offer a variety of cooking options, while the dual burner is great for delicate simmering or powerful flames.

The two ovens have a combined capacity of 5.7 cubic feet, making it easy to cook multiple dishes at once. And the infrared broil burner seals in juices for succulent meats every time. Plus, the convection fan circulates heat evenly throughout the oven for perfectly cooked results every time. Finally, the continuous grates make it easy to slide heavy pots and pans across the cooktop without having to worry about spills.

The 15,000 BTU Stainless Steel Griddle is perfect for cooking up a storm on Sunday morning while the 6 Sealed Burners let you customize your cooking experience however you like. Plus, with 2 oven racks and 5 rack positions, there’s plenty of room to cook whatever you like.

And don’t forget about those all-important finishing touches – with 2 halogen lights and a large oven window, you’ll be able to see everything clearly while it cooks. Finally, the blue porcelain interior and oven drip tray complete this high-quality double oven gas range.

6. NXR SC4811 48″ 7.2 cu.ft. Pro-Style Natural Gas Range

NXR SC4811 48″ 7.2 cu.ft. Pro-Style Natural Gas Range is perfect for the aspiring chef. With all stainless steel construction and six high-power 18,000 BTU burners, this range will have your culinary creations looking and tasting like they came from a five-star restaurant.

The extra-large oven capacity (7.2 cu. ft.) and convection fan ensure even cooking of your largest dishes, while the black porcelain drip pan is easy to clean. And with an extra-large oven window, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your food without having to open the door and disturb the temperature.

The NXR double oven gas range also has an 18,000 BTU griddle for all of your breakfast needs, as well as a cooktop drip pan made with black porcelain for easy cleanup. Plus, the NXR Entree gas range is assembled with globally sourced parts specifically chosen for their performance. And if that wasn’t enough, the oven’s broiler can sear and seal in flavor, perfect for quickly cooking thin cuts of meat.

Sporting an onyx black porcelain-coated oven interior and slick silver accent knobs, this range is sure to make a statement in any kitchen. With two halogen lights that provide ample illumination for even the darkest of dishes, you’ll never have to worry about not seeing what you’re cooking again. And with powerfully secure oven hinges, this range will stay sturdy even when accidents happen in the heat of the moment.

7. LG LTG4715BD 6.9 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Double Oven Gas Range

The LG LTG4715BD 6.9 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Double Oven Gas Range is the pro-level appliance you need in your kitchen. With 5 burners, continuous heavy-duty grates, and two ovens, this range can handle any cooking challenge you throw its way. The UltraHeat 18,500 BTU burners create intense heat that’s perfect for searing meats or frying up a batch of crispy bacon. Plus, the black stainless finish gives your kitchen an enviable industrial look.

The large oven capacity also makes it great for batch cooking or even roasting a large turkey for Thanksgiving. Plus, with continuous heavy-duty grates and an easy-to-use glass-touch digital control panel, this range is incredibly easy to use and maintain.

This best double oven gas range features ProBake Convection, which distributes heat evenly throughout the oven for consistent baking results on every rack. The LG EasyClean function also allows you to quickly clean the oven without any harsh chemicals or high heat, so you can spend more time enjoying your delicious meals with family and friends. And with 18,500 BTU burners and SmoothTouch glass-touch controls, this range is perfect for any cooktop enthusiast.

LG’s LTG4715BD double oven gas range with SmartThinQ® technology provides the ultimate cooking experience. With Wi-Fi connectivity and remote control capabilities, you can monitor and control your oven from anywhere in the world. The SideChef app also provides over 11,000 recipes to help make meal planning a breeze. This range is perfect for the professional chef or home cook who wants the best performance and convenience out of their kitchen appliances.

8. Kucht KRG4804U Professional 48″ 6.7 cu. ft. Natural Gas Range

Do you get that feeling of dread when you think about cooking for a large group? Well, with this professional-class double oven gas range, you can cook like a pro and ease your mind. This model has two separate ovens so you can cook multiple items at different temperatures, and the large oven windows let you keep an eye on your food without having to open the oven door.

Plus, the three 15000 BTU dual burners give you plenty of power to cook up a storm, while the three 12 000 BTU burners are perfect for simmering sauces or keeping things warm. And if that’s not enough for you, then the high-intensity 18500 BTU griddle is sure to please.

The main oven has a capacity of 4.2 cubic feet and features a convection oven for delicious, evenly cooked food every time. There’s also a powerful infrared broiler that can reach up to 16,500 BTUs, ensuring your meats and poultry come out perfectly cooked. Plus, the blue porcelain interior of the oven ensures easy cleaning. With two halogen lights providing illumination, this range is perfect for passionate cooks who want the very best performance in their kitchen.

The 2.5 cubic foot side oven has enough space to handle small meals, while the 15,000 BTU burner ensures that your food will be cooked evenly and quickly. The Kucht double oven gas range also features a blue porcelain oven interior and one halogen light for added visibility.

The heavy-duty cast-iron cooking grates provide even heat distribution and allow for movement of cookware from burner to burner without lifting. Plus, the full stainless steel construction with professional handles and knobs gives your kitchen that high-end look and feel.

9. FORNO Galiano 48 in. Pro-Style 8-Burner Italian Burners 107000 BTU Gas Range

If you’re in the market for a serious piece of cooking equipment, look no further than this 48″ pro-style Italian double oven gas range from FORNO. With 8 Italian-style burners, this range delivers 107000 BTUs of heat for versatility and power. And a large 4.32 cu. ft. oven capacity, this range is perfect for the at-home chef who wants to cook like a pro. The secondary 18″ oven (2.26 cubic feet) is also a great size for small batches or side dishes.

The cast-iron grates provide even cooking and the BBQ cook plate can be reversed to use as a griddle. The black enameled cooktop and oven interior create a sleek look, while the illuminated zinc knobs add a touch of luxury. And with 3 layers of oven door glass, you can keep an eye on your food without having to open the oven door.

The adjustable stainless steel legs let you customize the height to fit your needs, and the automatic ignition makes it easy to get started. Plus, the two electroplate racks provide a durable cooking surface that can handle even the heaviest loads. Plus, the included thermostat, regulator, and safety valves ensure precision cooking every time.

With the durable stainless steel construction and with a 2-Year In-House Warranty, you can be sure that these double oven gas ranges will last for years to come.

10. CT 48 Inch Double Oven Gas Range

Get the power and space you need to cook multiple dishes at once with these 48-inch double oven gas ranges. Featuring six powerful burners, including two that offer 9,000 BTUs of heat and two that deliver 12,000 BTUs each, this range is perfect for any busy kitchen. The cast-iron continuous grates make it easy to move large cookware around on the cooking surface, while the sleek stainless steel design provides a touch of professionalism.

This gas range is perfect for the professional cook. The convection oven cooks evenly and helps reduce cooking time, while the double oven with a 6.8 cu. ft. capacity allows you to bake and roast multiple dishes at once. Plus, the drawer underneath the oven provides a convenient spot to store your cookware.

This CT 48 Inch Double Oven Gas Range offers a sleek and stylish design that will look great in any kitchen. The black easily accessible control knobs and stainless steel finish give this gas range a modern look, while the automatic re-ignition function ensures easy operation. Plus, the porcelain drip pans make cleaning a breeze, and the dishwasher-safe grates are removable for added convenience. And with our two-year warranty, you can be sure that this gas range is built to last.

11. Smeg Opera Series 48″ Freestanding Dual Fuel Range

Smeg’s Opera Series 48″ Freestanding Dual Fuel Range is the pinnacle of professional-style ranges. The AISI 304 stainless steel construction is tough and beautiful, while the programmable timer with a touch display ensures perfect results every time.

The full-width continuous grates make it easy to move pots and pans around, and the stainless steel storage drawer provides convenient storage space. The Smart-Black glass finish looks great in any kitchen, and the 2” Stainless steel backsplash protects your walls from heat and spills.

The main electric oven has 8 cooking modes plus a programmable timer, so you can cook whatever you need. The adjustable thermostat allows you to customize your cooking experience, while the triple-glazed removable door and ever-clean enameled oven interior make for easy cleanup. The secondary electric oven has four cooking modes and a programmable timer, as well as an adjustable thermostat of 120° – 430°F. The oven interior is enameled in “Ever-Clean” for easy cleaning, and the door is triple glazed for safety.

The Smeg double oven gas range is a top-of-the-line appliance that offers superb performance and unrivaled safety. With five gas burners, a powerful central-rear burner, and an easy-to-use electronic ignition system, this range is perfect for the culinary artist who demands the best. The cast-iron grates and matte black burner caps give the range a sleek and sophisticated look, while the deep range top base ensures that spills are contained.

12. SINDA SLR4801G 48 in. Freestanding Gas Range

Looking for a high-performance gas range that will help you take your cooking to the next level? Look no further than the SINDA 48 in. Freestanding Gas Range. This powerful and versatile appliance comes with six gas burners, a griddle, and cast-iron grates that make it easy to move heavy pots and pans around without lifting them. Plus, the convection double oven ensures even heat distribution so your food is cooked perfectly every time.

The stainless steel oven door and pro handle give a sleek, polished look, while the black ABS burner control knobs provide easy operation. In addition, this range is available in Liquid Propane mode for added versatility. With 8 safety and quality standard tests, this range offers peace of mind with every use. And for an even greater sense of assurance, it comes with a two-year parts and labor manufacturer warranty.

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Double Oven Gas Range

When it comes to kitchen appliances, one of the most important items that you need is a good oven. And if you are in the market for a brand new oven, then you might want to consider buying a double oven gas range. These ranges offer a variety of features and benefits that other types of ovens do not, such as the ability to cook multiple dishes at once or even bake different items at different temperatures. So if you are in the market for a new oven, then here are some of the top factors to consider when purchasing a good double oven gas range.

Style and Design

One of the first things that you will need to do is determine what type of design you would like for your double oven gas range. You can choose from a variety of different colors, styles, and designs so there is no limit as to what kind of look you can go with in terms of decorating your kitchen. And make sure to take a look around at all the different models available before making a decision as different models come with their own unique features, benefits, and styles that may influence your final purchase decision.


This is an important factor as it determines how much food you can cook at once or how many dishes you can prepare simultaneously without any problems. Make sure to choose double oven gas ranges with a capacity that is suitable for your needs so that you do not have to worry about not being able to cook all of your food at once.

Fuel Type Configuration

The best gas stoves that have double ovens can be found in various versions for customers. Numerous firms have developed a double oven gas range that are dependent on natural gas, or propane services. However, there are some that are completely electrical. Recently, a number of oven manufacturers have created ovens that can be changed into LP or gas based on the requirements of the consumer.

They even include instructions on how to transform the gas oven into an LP-type oven. This has increased the use of the ovens among customers. In accordance with their needs they can choose the oven they like best and purchase the oven for their offices or homes.


There are a variety of double oven gas ranges that are available on the market. Before you purchase an oven, make sure you take measurements of the area you’ll be placing the new oven. The majority of gas double oven ranges are around 30 inches in width, whereas the majority of pro-style ranges are more than 48 inches.

Additional Cooktop Options

Depending on the amount of time you’ll spend cooking, it may be worth investing in a few additional options for your kitchen. For your cooktop, everything more than the standard setup of four burners is an advantage. Certain double oven gas ranges may include five or six burners, but the more burners a top is equipped with more, the greater the difficulty it will be to place large cookware items like the spaghetti pot and fry pan, onto their respective burners simultaneously.

Sometimes, these additional burners are made to accommodate special cookware, such as the griddle or wok Other burners are bridge burners designed to be used to heat food but without cooking it for a long time.

Dual-ring burners are burner that has a stronger heat source that is wrapped around an inferior heat source. This way, on one burner, you have the option to utilize only the heat source with a smaller size to lower temperatures, but you can also add the more powerful source of heat if you require higher temperatures.

Oven Controls And Setting

Most people will choose an ordinary double oven gas range there are alternatives including those that come with an electric boost and induction hobs or Halogen appliances which offer additional cooking possibilities. If you’re looking for speedy and simple temperature control, select one that has electronic controls that can be used for ovens. This will make it easier in setting the temperature or change it during cooking.

Furthermore having a double oven gas range that has auto-cleaning capabilities helps clean the mess after dinner much simpler as it can save your knees from cleaning up burns within your oven.

Oven Racks and Positions

Knowing how to set the oven racks will help in helping cook delicious meals in the most efficient manner possible. The best double oven gas ranges feature many racks and the knowledge of how to place them can help cook food. The top position is very beneficial when using broilers. If you are looking for food that is crispy it is the best place to be.

But, be aware of the food that is easily burned in this location. It’s also beneficial to bake two batches of cookies so that you can place one on top and the other at the center. The middle portion is where the best part happens since heat is circulated optimally. It is perfect for cooking fish, banana bread brownies, etc. The bottom section provides the most heat-related proximity and is therefore ideal for making pizzas, flatbreads, or pizzas. It is also ideal to cook food, which requires high temperatures in very short periods of time.


The number nine to our checklist is the cleaning, and it’s easy to do, just pick an oven that allows easy access to the inside of the oven so that you can clean it with a sponge or cloth with no hassle.

A few double oven gas ranges come with one huge cavity while others come with two separate compartments that allow cooking different dishes simultaneously (great for large dinners for the family). It’s also worth checking to see if you can use self-cleaning to avoid cleaning up food residues that won’t get rid of even with a powerful detergent.


Price is obviously an important consideration when buying any product and the same goes for a double oven gas range too. Make sure to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase in order to get the best deal.


The ideal scenario is that there are a variety of kinds of ranges. The most popular are freestanding and slide-in. The most well-known is the freestanding model since it is simpler to set up as opposed to slide-in. Additionally, their control panel is situated in the back of the cabinet or over the stove. However, the slide-in double oven gas range comes with a lock that is custom-built that allows you to slide it between cabinets. In the majority of cases, it will have its controls on top of the unit.

Burner BTUs

In the case of BTUs (British Thermal Units), The bigger number isn’t always the best. In the case of prefer heating your food at moderate to low temperature using a simmer cooker that is low-powered, it is an excellent option. But a double oven gas range with a higher BTU can bring the pot to a boil of water much faster than a model that is low-powered. The primary factor to take into consideration is the way you cook and preference for high – or low-temperature cooking generally?

How to Use A Double Oven Gas Range

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best features of a double oven gas range?

The best double oven gas range comes with extras that make baking easier, such as steam or convection features that evenly distribute heat or increase baking speed. Some even have special burner pans that help avoid hot spots or racks that are built to fit the oven perfectly. With all of these great features, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to a double gas oven range.

2. What are the benefits of a double oven gas range?

There are a few benefits that come with owning a double oven gas range. Firstly, you’ll have a lot of cooking space. With a double oven range, you can cook different things at different temperatures. This means that you don’t have to heat the entire kitchen by turning on all of your burners.

It also means that you won’t have to wait for one of your ovens to preheat before cooking what you need. Simply use the oven that’s already hot. Additionally, a double oven gas range tends to be more energy-efficient than other types of ranges.

3. How much does a double oven gas range cost?

The cost of double oven gas ranges varies depending on the brand and the features that it has. However, in general, you can expect to pay somewhere between $2,000 and $6,000 for one of these appliances.

4. What kind of controls do double oven gas ranges have?

The controls on double oven gas ranges vary by model and brand, but most of them are analog in nature. The knobs that control the temp and the burners typically sit in front of the appliance. Additionally, many models include digital displays that let you know when one of your ovens is preheating.


We hope that this blog post has helped you better understand the benefits and drawbacks of double oven gas ranges, as well as how to use one. This is just one of many helpful articles we have on kitchen appliances on our website, so be sure to check out some more!

If you still want help finding your perfect double oven gas range or any other type of appliance for your home’s needs, please contact us today. Our team would love to share their expertise with you and make sure you find the right product for your budget and lifestyle.

Which factors did we not mention about buying a new double-oven range? What do you think are some important considerations when purchasing the best double oven gas range? We hope this article was informative and helps point you in the right direction when it comes time for purchasing a new appliance!

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