9 Best Dough Sheeter Machines Reviews of 2022 You Should Know

A dough sheeter machine can be used to make flatbreads, tortillas, chapatis, and many other types of dough-based foods.

Do you think dough sheeter machines are a necessary part of your bakery? If so, which type would be best for your facility and budget? This blog post will give you an idea of the different types available and what they can do. We’ll also talk about some features that make them stand out from the rest. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll have a better idea of how to choose one that’s right for you! Read on to find out which best dough sheeter machine is perfect for your needs!

What Is A Dough Sheeter Machine?

A dough sheeter machine is a machine that’s used to flatten and stretch out pieces of dough into flat sheets. The most common use of this type of machine is in bakeries, where it will allow the production team to make more bread products in less time. It does this by cutting down on human labor, allowing employees to focus their attention on other tasks instead.

How Does A Dough Sheeter Machine Work?

A dough sheeter machine works by using two rollers that are covered with grooves or ridges, like a rolling pin you would find in any kitchen. As it rolls out the dough, these ridges compress the molecules and expand them repeatedly until they’re stretched very thin—which is why some people call this machine a “roller,” too!

This process isn’t the same as kneading, which is done with human hands. The dough expands in width and expands significantly less in length during the flattening process, creating a rectangular shape that’s similar to puff pastry or phyllo dough.

List of 9 Best Dough Sheeter Machine Reviews

1. Pastaline Dough Fondant Sheeter Machine MINI

Get creative in the kitchen with this mini dough sheeter. This professional-grade fondant sheeter has a powerful 400W DC motor, superior quality food-safe Sfogliafacile MINI dough sheeter which includes 3 blades for perfectly cutting your pasta films.

Made from premium stainless steel with durable components and a clear, balanced design, it is perfect for making gnocchi or rolling out pie crusts with ease. Plus it’s easy to use thanks to the crystal-clear English instructions that provide you a quick start guide on how to go about this task!

This tabletop dough sheeter is a commercial pastry and cake decoration tool that saves time by using the latest “electric color blending” technology, which INCREASES productivity and profitability. The roller size is wide enough for both large and small batches of dough, tailor-made to suit any professional bakery decorator’s needs!

You can also use it as an ingredient or food processor for related purposes if desired. We deliver the best quality items with unmatched customer care. This product will make your cakes more gorgeous than ever before!

2. Zorvo Dough Sheeter

A progressive kitchen appliance with today’s professionals in mind, the Zorvo Pizza Press Machine is guaranteed to revolutionize your pizza house. Built with contemporary stainless steel, the tilt door entrance automatically turns your pressed dough without needing extra help from you– so all you have to do is handle shaping, slicing, and serving it up!

The thickness of the dough sheet is adjustable for making anything from delicious noodles to dumplings or steamed stuffed buns cakes. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind meal that’ll impress your friends but is easy enough for kids to use then this gadget will be just what it takes!

This machine is a versatile kitchen tool that can be used for rounds of dough and pizza crust. It can easily double as a pasta maker and dumpling press if the need arises! The machine has two separate rollers, with one adjustable to produce different thicknesses of rolled dough sheets.

Half spiral wheels allow you to receive an easy access to essential parts of the machinery without interrupting operation. This clever design provides you with uncompromising versatility for hours of cooking fun!

3. New Commercial Electric/ Manual Dough Roller Sheeter by LOYALHEARTDY

Have you ever been searching for a pasta roller and lost track of time without success? If so, the New Commercial Electric/ Manual Dough Roller Sheeter is precisely what you have been looking for. Its durable structure will not disappoint even the most demanding customers. This commercial dough sheeter machine is built to last with a safe 135W motor that has automatic overheating protection to provide peace of mind knowing your kitchen partner is always safe.

With its separate construction, this best dough sheeter offers easy cleanup and storage which makes it an ideal option if space in your home may be limited. Ensuring high-quality pasta every time, this machine’s pasta roller and cutter are both dishwasher safe making clean up quick and painless.

This is a perfect new addition to any kitchen! To ensure compatibility with your recipe, the thickness of the dough can be adjusted for dough consistency. Fine noodles, crispy noodles. Whether you’re making lasagna or dumplings – this tool has you covered!

The blades are made of stainless steel and won’t rust like others on the market. That means they’ll always keep their sharp edge and cut through anything you need them to without breaking down quickly at all. With adjustable settings from 1-4 mm thick you’ll never regret spending more money on an imported unit that offers fewer features than one of these beauties!

4. Pastaline Maxy Sfogly NSF Electric Dough Sheeter

The Pastaline Maxy Sfogly NSF Electric Dough Sheeter is an easy-to-use machine. The retractable handles offer convenient transport and the powerful engine makes light work of any dough you put before it. It’s certified by NSF so you can be sure that your sweet icings will always process beautifully, even when working with sticky materials like chocolate or marzipan.

The electric dough sheeter has been designed because we know what you need. We love nothing more than creating the consistent and perfect product for your bakery, lab, or industrial building. This appliance will allow you to draw and spread any dough or mixture into a thin, even sheet that is less than 1 mm!

The clean-up of this machine is also made easy- just remove the scrapers and springs with ease. Not sure if it’s right for you? How about these features: roller dimensions are 45 cm – 18 inches diam 60 mm – 2.4inches compact size 30 kg – 66lbs weight so it’s ideal for any kitchen space.

5. Dshot Automatic Pizza Dough Roller Sheeter Machine

The Dshot Pizza Dough Roller Sheeter is the CE international certification and food-grade materials. It’s completely electrical and is able to flatten dough easily. It is fitted with high-quality nylon covers and plastic covers to make it clutter-free.

The dough sheeter offers quick access openings and is able to roll out dough ranging from 6 to 16 inches. It can create about 250 to 300 pieces in an hour of baking products with accuracy. It has two rollers with adjustable widths, which offer different thicknesses of the dough sheets.

I love it due to the transparent safety covers at the bottom and top to reduce clutter. The rollers on both ends are simple to use. It’s ideal for both commercial and residential use due to its dimensions. It can create Pie crusts and tortillas and pitas in a snap.

The pizza dough sheeter is costly. Many users complain that the wire is not slack enough. The design isn’t very appealing for the price. It’s too large and bulky, requiring two people to carry it.

6. INTSUPERMAI Comercial Dough Sheeter Machine

The industrial dough sheeter machine is designed for commercial or industrial enterprises. The side that touches the dough has a 304 stainless steel protector to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. It can meet your different needs in thickness with an easy adjustment, and its heavy-duty composite body provides strength for years of operation.

The INTSUPERMAI Comercial Dough Sheeter Machine offers all the dough-rolling necessities for restaurants, bakeries, and more. For easy belt adjustments, you can either reverse the conveyor belt to make it right where you need it or move it forward for an infeed position if that is what you are looking for. The stainless steel exterior has a semi-polished finish with rust prevention added to ensure years of reliable use!

With fine-scale controls on the thickness of your dough, this best dough sheeter will be a sleek addition to a home or commercial kitchen alike. The material efficiency of lint-free belts which have great durability allows operators to control thicknesses without sacrificing quality or waste!

7. Chef Prosentials 16inch Electric Dough Sheeter

A food-prep tool that creates restaurant-quality dough, the ChefProsentials 16-inch Electric Dough Sheeter is perfect for pizza shops, restaurants, and hotels. Home cooks can use it too! With 3 different designs to choose from – vertical entrance, tilt entrance, or single roller – you know there’s a mixer for any need. The hands-on process of rolling out dough by hand has never been easier thanks to the electric presser with a stand-up feature for a comfortable workspace.

Let your imagination be your guide as you think about topping combinations made possible with this dependable kitchen assistant – imagine how much healthier pizza will taste when fresh ingredients are loaded onto an all-natural crust!

The countertop dough sheeter lets you make pizza of any size, from a small “personal” size to a larger-than-life monster. The machine can handle up to 15 inches, and it comes with rollers that adjust between 0.5 and 5.5 millimeters in diameter for the desired thickness of crust or Sicilian-style dough. For an added touch this machine is also ETL and CE certified, meaning that your safety’s a top priority when using this device!

8. VEVOR Commercial Dough Roller Sheeter

VEVOR Commercial Dough Roller Sheeter is the only dough roller machine that’s been certified by CE standards. Best for pizza dough, it can also be used to make different shapes of sheets with a width from 0.5mm/0.02in to 5mm/0.2in and lengths from 4-15.7 in – enough for many recipes! This item offers you two adjustable rollers so you get the perfect thickness every time!

The best thing about this device is that you can cut your own desired shape out of dough and go through processing on our machine – made easy and convenient by us! Stop struggling with other messy machines and give VEVOR ‘s rolling equipment a try today!

The bakery dough sheeter has a durable construction, won’t rust or corrode with time or use. It’s operated by a solenoid switch that’s waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and leakage-proof so your dough is always in tip-top shape. The transparent safety covers give you an unobstructed view of your process while providing protection at the same time. With its tempered glass cover and high-intensity stop structure, this product will last for many years without fear of breaking down!

9. Thunderbird TBD-500 Reversible Dough Sheeter

A durable, heavy-duty dough sheeter for commercial and industrial use. The Thunderbird TBD-500 can handle large quantities of dough for any situation. A proven synchro drive system makes stretching the dough fast and reliable, while an engine will keep it running in top condition.

The Thunderbird Reversible Dough Sheeter is designed specifically with your needs in mind–engineered with adjustable settings to guarantee that you are always making the perfect thickness of pizza crust when you want it!

If your business is looking into purchasing a pizza roller or a dough sheeter, make sure you do not let anything hold you back from investing in quality products like these!

If you’re looking for a mechanism to roll out pizza crusts with precision accuracy Thunderbird has got you covered there too! Whether thin or thick, these industrial-grade machines will get the job done fast and help give all your pizzas an equal crunch time after time.

How To Choose the Best Dough Sheeter Machine for Home

A dough sheeter can be a very useful piece of equipment for any bakery. It cuts down on the time and manpower needed to roll out sections of dough and can also help produce more consistent results. The trick is finding one that will meet your needs without breaking the bank or requiring too much maintenance. Here are some tips for choosing the best dough sheeter for home use.

Check if You Need a Manual or Electric Machine

Manual dough sheeter machines require a less initial effort but take more physical strength than an electric model would and may not be suitable if there will only ever be women or smaller employees working in your bakery. Electric models tend to offer greater control over thickness and size, which is important if you want to expand beyond just simple bread but come with a higher price tag. Some models are built to be more durable, so they may be worth the investment if you plan on using your dough sheeter frequently or for years.

Think About the Size Of the Machine

Try to have an idea of how much space you have available in your prep area because this can help narrow down options. The length of the rollers is important because it sets limitations on what sizes and types of products you’ll be able to make, but also provides some flexibility depending on how many pieces can be made at once.

For example, if you want to make pizza crusts all at the same time, look for a dough sheeter that has multiple rollers and can accommodate a variety of sizes. If you want to be able to make large batches of dough and customize the thickness and size, go for something with a wide roll length and multiple pieces.

Find Out What the Machine Is Made Of

A stainless steel body is tough enough to hold up to frequent use without warping or corroding, but it will be more expensive than other materials such as aluminum alloy. A strong metal base also means that your dough sheeter will likely last longer, so look for one that’s sturdy and has no wobbling or shaking when it runs. Metal may not be appropriate if you plan on using the sheeter in wet areas because of rusting concerns.

Read Reviews From Other Buyers

Reviews can provide insight into any problems or issues that other people have encountered with the machines and determine whether you’re looking at a good deal. Pay attention to warnings about difficulty using attachments, because this can cause frustration and lead to breakage of the machine’s pieces.

Look for Features that Will Help Your Workflow

Options such as electronically controlled speeds or an easy-to-clean design are useful additions that could make life easier for employees who will be operating it frequently. Adjustable thickness is another feature that might save time if you find yourself making products in batches of varying sizes regularly. If you know what kind of doughs you’ll be working with often, look for dough sheeters designed specifically for those purposes. Examples include pasta makers, pizza crusts, and whipped cream dispensers.

Don’t Forget the Attachments!

Some dough sheeters offer helpful add-ons like a dough divider, which can help you make fewer uniform pieces that are still the same size without having to measure or roll each one out yourself. Attachments like these could be considered necessities depending on how your production line will run.

Compare Brands And Prices

If you’re looking at multiple dough sheeters, research how much each one costs to determine what features are worth paying for. Check out customer reviews of the top products in your price range to get a sense of long-term use and performance. You should also look into warranties offered with the machines; this could help give you peace of mind if there is an issue with it.

Why Should You Buy One?

This kitchen appliance is perfect for your kitchen because it will enable you to create fresh pasta and dough that tastes like it was made in a factory! This is the best choice for your money if you love spending time in the kitchen but don’t have hours to spend slaving over recipes.

Still, even if you enjoy cooking, but doing so isn’t necessarily your full-time job, a dough sheeter can help lighten your load by speeding up bread and pastry production.

People who often whip up their own pizza from scratch would also find this tool very useful. Warning: equipment can be addictive! You may find that you now spend every weekend in the kitchen!

How to Use a Compact Tabletop Dough Sheeter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of dough Roller?

The purpose of the roller is to form a flat piece of dough. This has to be done in a specific pattern because bread dough needs to rise and fall to make a good final product. The roller also gives the bread its shape once it’s baked through an effect called “oven spring”.

Can you use a pasta roller as a dough sheeter?

Yes, but it will take some time to adjust the width. There are several steps to complete this process:

  1. Roll out the dough with the pasta roller to the desired thickness (the same as you prepare your ravioli or lasagna).
  2. Using your hands, cut long strips of dough using one portion of dough at a time, so that you don’t have remaining parts between cuts creating unwanted wrinkles in your dough which would make it impossible to use for noodles. If you want wider noodles then once you cut up all your dough into strips, stack them on top of each other and flatten them back into one sheet by pressing down each strip with two fingers. Continue to roll the dough until you get your desired width.
  3. Now using your dough sheeter, set it with the thickness by turning the handle on top of your sheeter which will adjust how thick or thin the dough sheet is. If this is not possible may be due to the size difference between the pasta roller and sheeter, then proceed to cut again with a knife. Make sure you are cutting with one smooth motion all the way through! You can use spray oil if your dough sticks to your knife while slicing into noodles.
  4. Using one strip of dough at a time, feed it into the opening on top of the machine just like you would any other machine that cuts/shape them for you (such as ravioli machines, lasagna machines, etc).
  5. Fold the noodles into the desired shape (if you want them to look layered as regular pasta put them on the fold so they are folded in half) and brush with your favorite sauce!

Who invented the dough sheeter?

It was not just one person who invented the dough sheeter, but several. One of these inventors is attributed to a German man named Karl Drais in 1826, and another is attributed to an Austrian man named Joseph Christoph Heidl.

The earliest patent for a machine was granted in 1886 to Jules Richard for his “machine à pétrir le pain,” which included a series of rolling pins that work like the blades on today’s machines do. It wasn’t until 1913 that Johann Georg Lahner was recognized as the inventor after he applied for his patent of an improved dough sheeter; this new one included elements such as two-sided rollers with adjustable spacing and variable speed control.


After reading this article, you should be able to find the best dough sheeter for home use. We have covered 9 of the best options on today’s market so that no matter which one you choose, it will work well for what you need!

If none of these sound like they would work for you or if there is another product out there that we missed, please let us know in a comment below and we’ll do our best to make sure future readers can benefit from your feedback as well. Good luck with finding the right dough sheeter!

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