What Is The Best Goat Cheese Substitute? 7 Excellent Alternatives

Goat cheese, also called chevre, is soft, utterly creamy, buttery, and has a spreadable texture, making it a nice pair for about anything.

Since it’s the best, sometimes, it runs out in local stores, and you can’t buy it to cook. That said, a goat cheese substitute should always be ready in your head as a backup plan. Here are some notable suggestions to take note of:

  • Cream cheese
  • Ricotta
  • Feta
  • Cottage cheese
  • Mascarpone
  • Tofu
  • Fromage Blanc

Depending on what recipe you are about to prepare, the best alternative to chevre can differ. Scroll down to learn more!

Goat Cheese Overview

Goat Cheese Overview
A tart, tangy, creamy farm product

Goat milk is the primary ingredient of chevre, which features a distinctively robust, deep, earthy flavor that is tart and tangy.

The cheese’s fatty acids create a soft, creamy aroma. Sometimes, you can feel a flaky, crumbly, hard texture with an acidic, intense smell and taste if it is matured.

In a word, this dairy product can deliver a delicate, mild aroma or can be “goaty” and pungent, depending on how you prepare it and its maturation as well.

Curdled raw milk arrives in many countries worldwide, but Italy, Norway, Belgium, and France are more well-known for large consumption.

Concerning nutritional value, this food provides a lot of healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Dairy food lovers praise it mostly for the medium-chain capric acid or fatty acid that includes antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Plus, goat’s curdled raw milk contains a tiny lactose content, making it a friendly food for those who can’t eat dairy.

Now that you understand more about what’s inside chevre. Let’s head to the most well-liked substitutes for it.

Top 7 Best Goat Cheese Substitute

Among our recommendations, some resemble the taste of chevre, whereas others replicate it in consistency and texture.

We suggest picking an alternative based on your recipes since some taste better in fresh, uncooked dishes, like dips, toppings, spreads, and salads, while others apply to finely-cooked dishes.

Cream Cheese

Orange cream cheese

Cream cheese is a white, soft, fresh chevre with a sour taste and sweet characteristic, so your dish with cream cheese will be greasy.

Though it’s fatty, it doesn’t give a dull, satiated feeling when consuming a lot. Thus, many dairy lovers are fond of it.

This one is a familiar ingredient in dessert recipes or a complement eaten with slices of bread or a drink decor.

With a pleasing creamy texture, this one is a perfect alternative to goat farm products.

However, please note that this dairy contains a higher fat content. Also, though it can match well with jams and fruit, there are still limitations regarding kitchen purposes.

It is often a bit firmer and, hence, can’t replace goat chevre in all recipes.


Another fascinating goat cheese substitute, ricotta, originates from Italy. It’s a fresh chevre made from sheep milk, goat milk, or cow milk. You can keep it fresh for an extended time with easy methods.

A tip to add a more chevre-like taste to ricotta is to put in some yogurt or lemon juice.

This versatile ingredient can be a nice part of many main dishes, desserts, or salads. The most well-known dish using ricotta is the scrumptious ricotta cheesecake with raspberries.


Feta is a favorite ingredient in our salads. Made from sheep milk, this food is crumbly, creamy, and salty at the same time.

Particularly, those who don’t like the smell of goat curdled raw milk will love this substitute. Try feta if you desire a more salty, deep kick for your dishes.

Also, are you looking for a fatty chevre but on the healthy side? Feta is, indeed, one of the most favorable types of cheese for your health.

One thing to note is that feta can sometimes be a blend of sheep and goat’s milk. So, remember to check the components on the product’s label before buying.

Cottage Cheese

What if you’re in a hurry as your visitors are on the way to your house? A fast and easy-to-make solution should come to your mind instantly.

What’s that? The highly recommended candidate for such a situation is the delicious cottage cheese.

Though its texture is slightly different from goat’s dairy, cottage chevre is effortless to prepare.

Simply blend the dairy with a food processor until you achieve a smooth and nice blend. After this blending process, place the liquid chevre in your fridge and wait for it to become solid. Then, there you go with your goat dairy substitute.

It’s a perfect choice for those wishing to keep a fit and healthy body because cottage chevre has a high protein and low-fat content – the ideal combo for health-conscious feeders.



We would like to introduce one more substitute for goat cheese that sweet-tooth eaters will be into – mascarpone.

Mascarpone is a luxury Italian farm product made from clotted cream with lemon juice, vinegar, or citric acid.

It serves as a fancy soft alternative to goat dairy with richness and a mild flavor. Besides, high availability is another advantage of mascarpone. Reach out to any grocery store, and you’ll find the thing you need to buy.

Plus, it’s the sweetest one on our recommendation list. You can replace full-fat yogurt with mascarpone, top it with honey and fruit, and use a spoon to eat it.

Since this one is bland, it’s also possible to make it tangy or savory, adding it to pasta dishes, sauces, and risottos.


Tofu is among the best replacements for non-dairy, lactose intolerant feeders and vegans. It’s actually coagulated soy milk, also called bean curd.

The beauty of this food is that it varies in the levels of firmness.

That means, if you desire a crumbly goat-chevre-like alternative, you can go for the extra firm or firm tofu, combining it with some cheesy seasonings, such as garlic salt or nutritional yeast.

Meanwhile, if you’re seeking a creamy or spreadable vegan replacement, silken, super soft tofu is a fascinating choice.

You can mix tender tofu with sweet or salty additives using a food processor or blender and spread the mixture over bread, crackers, or add to pies or tarts.

Fromage Blanc


We consider Fromage blanc an acceptable alternative to goat’s curdled raw milk with a comparable texture and taste.

This one is as creamy as cream dairy, but it’s not a straightforward-to-find food. This scarcity somehow reduces its accessibility and usefulness.

People usually mistake Fromage blanc’s superbly silky and smooth texture with white cream cheese.

Remember that this one is sweeter and fatter, so it will be an interesting twist that changes the tedious taste of your recipes.

Here’s an ultimate guide on how to make fresh Fromage blanc:

The Bottom Line

After all, the intense yet smooth, elegant aroma of chevre is irreplaceable for gourmet goat dairy enthusiasts. But sometimes, you can’t manage to buy those products due to their dominance in the market.

That’s why you need to know at least one goat cheese substitute to save you from rush situations.

Above are some prominent suggestions for that. These alternatives require minimal effort and time to prepare while giving the chevre less or more equal texture and flavor.

So, happy cooking with your stunning cheesy recipes!

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