Best Grill Cover Reviews of 2022 You Can Choose

With a barbecue grill that stays in good condition, you can relax and enjoy your party. Occasionally, you may need to remove your grill cover when changing or cleaning it. But don’t let a little rain ruin your barbecues – use one of the covers featuring the best materials, finest craftsmanship and attractive designs. If you are in search of a new grilling cover this summer we have exactly what you need!

We all value a great barbecue session. At the same time, we all want to maximize the life of our equipment, and we don’t want to be held down by bad weather when we go for one. With the best product, you can do that and make your equipment last longer. This leads us to my list of the top 12 best grill covers in the market.

Why You Need a Grill Cover

If you’ve ever owned a grill, you know how expensive they can be. Grills cost hundreds of dollars and even thousands for those who are serious about grilling. Since grills are such an investment, you want to do everything possible to keep it protected from the elements. One of the best ways to protect the grill is with a grill cover.

When it rains, snow or sleets on your grill, this can cause rust, mold and other damage to the metal parts. When high winds blow, this can also cause damage such as rust and mold. If you live in areas that experience heavy storms, then you need to have a cover for grill on hand to protect against damages caused by the elements.

Grill covers prevent small animals from making nests inside. If you have ever had birds build nests inside of your grill or squirrels try to make homes inside of it, then you know what a nuisance they can be and how much time it takes out of your day to clean out their nests before using it again.

Most importantly, a cover protects grill from rust and corrosion that occurs due to moisture buildup. These problems can lead to structural damage to the grilling unit. Rust occurs when metal is exposed to oxygen, so using a cover is an effective way to prevent this problem from occurring in the first place.

List of 12 Best Grill Covers Reviews

1. Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

The Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbecue Gas Grill Cover, 55-inch is designed to provide heavy-duty protection for most grills with 3 to 4 burners. The cover measures 55″ wide x 24″ deep x 44″ high, fits most brands of grills like Weber, Holland, Jenn Air, Brinkmann and Char Broil. The cover features an upgraded material that is heavier than most covers on the market.

It is made of new special fade resistant fabric system with an added UV-stabilized & water repellent coating and a waterproof laminated undercoating, which gives the cover durable performance and long-lasting lifespan. It can shield your barbecue from the elements, such as wind, sand storms, sunshine, and rain. The barbecue grill cover all-weather protection in both hot summer and cold winter months. It’s also able to block water from seeping through the cover or re-wet after drying out.

Convenient heavy duty 1.5″ wide fastening straps keep cover securing on the grill even in windy days. Long strap attached to bottom hem for better fixation. Covered Air Vents prevent moisture from building up under the cover and reduce inside condensation. Buckle straps hold cover securely in place even in windy conditions.

2. Simple Houseware BBQ Grill Cover

Keep your grill safe and sound all year long with this heavy-duty BBQ Grill Cover. Made from durable 600D polyester fabric, this cover will protect it from the elements, whether it’s rain, snow, or UV rays. The fasteners straps on two sides make it easy to secure the cover in place, and the waterproof and dust-proof construction all year round.

This tough and durable cover is made to withstand the rigors of outdoor cooking, keeping a grill safe from sun, rain, snow, and more. Measuring 32″W x 24″D x 43″H, it’s designed to fit most two burner small grills, and features an easy-to-use design that makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze.

3. Kingkong 7130 Grill Cover

BBQ season is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about how to protect grill from the harsh weather. The UV resistant design blocks out harmful sun rays, while the waterproof fabric prevents moisture from seeping in. Plus, the covers for bbq grills fits snugly around grill for a perfect fit.

Weather conditions be damned, it is going to be just fine protected under our grill cover. Durable and weather resistant, this cover will keep grill in good condition season after season. Fits popular models, so you don’t have to worry about measurements or compatibility. Featuring large Velcro straps on both sides for a secure fit, this cover will stay in place even in strong winds.

The 7130 is made of durable materials that are built to last, and it’s extremely easy to clean – simply hose it down with water and let it dry in the sun. Our grill cover is also backed by a worry-free warranty, so you can buy with confidence knowing that you’re covered in case of any issues.

4. Blackstone 1529 Griddle Cover for 28″ Griddle 

If you’re the proud owner of a Blackstone 28″ Griddle, then you know how important it is to keep it clean and protected from the elements. That’s why you need the Blackstone 1529 Griddle Cover. This bbq cover will keep your griddle looking like new, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

This barbecue cover is made with heavy-duty canvas for durability, and features all-weather resistance to keep your griddle looking great year after year. The double-layered construction and reinforced stitching provide additional strength and prevent tearing, while the convenient handles make it easy to remove when you’re ready to cook. With this cover, you can be sure that your griddle will be protected from the elements, whether it’s sun or snow.

This cover for grill is made from durable poly-resin and features buckles that clip underneath the griddle base, keeping it secure even in windy conditions. The calfskin leather is robust and will last for years. It also has a metal-toned buckle closure that makes it simple to put on and take off.

It is designed to protect your Blackstone 28″ griddle from the elements, while adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor cooking area. The sleek black color is neutral and will complement any backyard or patio décor.

5. Traeger Grills BAC503 Pro 575/22 Series Full Length Grill Cover

Traeger Grills BAC503 Pro is designed to extend the life of grill by preventing weather damage. This BBQ cover is constructed from an all-weather fabric, with a water resistant PVC coating that can withstand rain and snow. The full length design extends from the bottom of it to the top, protecting it from the elements at all times.

The form fitted design of this cover provides a snug fit that is easy to put on and take off. Our rbecue cover made of PVC free water resistant material so you can be sure grill stays dry through all types of weather. Not only does it keep your grill out of the elements it also keeps it looking new by protecting against scratches and scuffs.

This custom-designed grill cover is made from durable materials and provides full coverage, protecting it from the elements. The rosewood accents on the handles add a touch of class, while the embossed signature mountain logo shows your commitment to quality. You’ll be able to use a grill for years with this cover.

6. Weber 7138 Premium Cover Spirit II 200 Grill Accessory

Now you can keep your Weber 7138 Premium Cover Spirit II 200 Grill Accessory looking like new for years to come! Made with uv inhibitors in the fabric, it resists fading and helps keep grill looking new for years to come. The breathable and weather resistant material will help keep it in good condition, even when exposed to bad weather.

This stylish and durable cover is made from 100% polyester to prevent water damage and keep clean. Fastening straps on each side keep the cover in place so you don’t have to worry about it blowing away. Once you’ve placed the cover for grill, you can rest assured that it will stay secure throughout any weather condition.

This barbecue cover is designed to fit the Spirit 200 and Spirit II 200 series gas grills ensuring a tight seal and protection year round. You can also rest assured that Weber offers a three year limited warranty and a lifetime of customer support if you ever need help with your product.

7. NEXCOVER Barbecue Gas Grill Cover

Constructed with heavy duty Oxford fabric with waterproof PVC coating, it is tough enough to withstand sun, rain, snow and wind. It features handles & straps & covered air vents and easy to clean, perfect to protect grill from dust and debris. With 12-month worry-free warranty and 60 days money back guaranteed.

This gas grill cover fits weber bbq grill, char broil bbq grill, holland bbq grill, Jenn Air bbq grill, Brinkmann bbq grill master forge bbq grill etc. Made of heavy-duty 600D oxford fabric with waterproof PVC coating, it protects your barbecue from getting wet due to rain or snow.

There are 2 handles on the front and back side of the gas grill cover for easy fitting or removing. The adjustable straps allow you to pull tight for a snug fit. The covered air vents reduce condensation and wind lofting while allowing air circulation at the same time.

NEXCOVER gas protection cover are easy to use and clean. You can just hose it down with water and let it dry in the sun. If there are any stains stuck in the cover, simply scrub it off with a soft-bristled brush, soap and water.

8. Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover

Grillman’s Premium BBQ Grill Cover is made from durable materials that will protect grill from the elements, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. With a snug fit and wind-resistant design, this cover is perfect for keeping it in great condition all year long. So go ahead and fire up those burgers—Grillman has you covered!

The cover is made of waterproof material, so all you have to do it spray it with water and leave it in the sun to dry.. It’s also built to last, so you can be sure your grill is protected for years to come. It is suitable to protect all kinds of grills. The bottom edge has an elastic band to keep the cover in place even on windy days.. The fabric is robust and UV resistant.

9. Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 52 Inch BBQ Grill Cover

Barbecue season is rapidly approaching, so now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to keep your barbecue safe from the weather. With this Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant BBQ Grill Cover, you can keep grill looking like new all season long. The cover is made of durable fabric with interior bound seams and high-density stitching for extra strength and protection. It also features padded handles for easy transport and a matching webbing trim for a polished look.

The water-resistant fabric and PVC backing will keep grill looking like new, while the Velcro straps ensure a snug fit. Whether you’re cooking up a storm or just enjoying a sunny day in the backyard, this grill cover will keep your grill safe and sound.

The heavy-duty fabric and water-resistant construction will keep grill in good condition, while the three-year limited warranty ensures that you’re covered if something goes wrong. So whether you’re looking to keep it in top shape or have a little peace of mind, it is is suitable.

This heavy-duty grill cover is made from water-resistant fabric with a protective laminated backing, and features interior bound seams and high-density stitching for lasting strength and durability. Plus, it has padded handles for added comfort while carrying. And best of all, it comes with a matching webbing strap and Three-year limited warranty.

10. VIBOOS Grill Cover

The grill cover has some attractive features that you will not find in most other covers. These features make the cover durable, easy to use and a good fit for the majority of grills on the market today.

Viboos is waterproof, dustproof, anti-UV and can also protect grill from rusting. It comes with adjustable velcro straps that help to keep it in place. The cover also comes with an elastic hem rope that keeps it fit during windy weather.

The grill cover fits most grills with 2 or 3 burners. And if you don’t like it, Viboos offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month guarantee. The top of it has an adjustable Velcro strap that can be tightened to prevent it from being blown away by the wind. And there is elastic hem rope at the bottom to make it easy to adjust the size according to your barbecue size.

11. iCOVER Grill Cover 50in

If you are a lover of outdoor grilling, then you already understand how important it is to protect grill from the elements. iCOVER offers quality protection for grill with its waterproof heavy-duty grill cover. The cover is designed for use with larger grills and smokers as it can accommodate a cooking station up to 50 inches.

The iCOVER grill cover features an upgraded U.V resistant fabric that resists fading, protects it from the elements and provides long-lasting durability. The cover has an adjustable elastic hem cord and side straps that help customize fit and secure the cover in place. It also has dual handles that makes using the cover easy while 2 air vents reduce condensation and wind lofting.

It has a breathable fabric with air vents which help reduce condensation and wind lofting thus preventing rot and mildewing of your grill cover. The design of this cover allows for easy cleaning as it can be easily wiped or hosed with water to clean off any dust or grime collected over time. Its black color does not stain or fade easily ensuring it looks as good as new for longer periods of time.

12. Amazon Basics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover

This product is a very good looking and well-designed cover for grills. It has been made with a woven polyester fabric that has been coated with PVC for durability and strength. The AmazonBasics gas grill cover features a clean and sleek design with a black finish that will suit any decor and will look good with any other product in your backyard.

This cover measures 46 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 46 inches high which makes it suitable for most gas grills. The inside of the grill is lined with waterproof material to keep your food safe from rain water. It comes with an elastic bungee cord which helps you secure the cover to it so that it stays in place even when the wind is blowing hard.

Our bbq cover has air vents on the sides which help to minimize condensation and weathering which can cause mold and mildew to build up on the surface. This can be unsightly as well as unhealthy when you cook food on grill.

Buying Guide For The Best Grill Cover

Grill covers come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. There are many manufacturers in the market, which makes finding suitable products become a challenging activity. This is why it’s of paramount importance to consider a few aspects that will help you make an informed decision.

Buying Guide for a Grill Cover


The first and foremost consideration that you need to keep in mind is the size of the grill cover. As you already know, there are multiple sizes of product available in the market. You should choose a fit with your grill, without any bagginess. The reason for this is when the cover is loose fit over the grill; it can trap moisture under it and can lead to rusting of the grill.


Once you have checked out the size of the grill cover, you will also need to check out the features offered by it. A good cover should have a fastening system and a handle which would help you in easily fitting it over your grill. The fastening system should not just be useful but also, very simple and easy to use. The cover should also be waterproof so that even if there is rain or snow, it would not seep inside.


There are three common materials for grill covers: canvas, polyester and vinyl. Canvas is the least durable but is breathable and able to absorb moisture. Polyester is more durable than canvas but less breathable. Vinyl is the most durable but not very breathable and doesn’t absorb moisture.


Grill covers come in all shapes and sizes but they don’t always cost the same amount. The price will depend largely on its size, material, durability and additional features. Generally speaking, however, it’s possible to get the best grill cover for $50 or less. Of course, if you’re looking for something pricey, there are always premium options that cost more.



There are two main components of durability that you need to look for when you are buying a grill cover. The first is the material that the cover is made out of. You want to buy something with UV resistant properties that will not fade easily. The second component is the Velcro straps or drawstrings that hold the cover in place. These components should be durable and prevent the cover from slipping off of your grill.


To ensure that your grill does not get wet, you should look for covers made out of vinyl or other materials that are waterproof and will not allow water through them. The second thing to check for is any holes in the cover. The smallest hole can let water seep through the material, so you should look for a grill cover that has no holes in it at all.

One way to ensure that your cover does not have any holes is to check for reviews from other people who have purchased the same type of cover.

UV Protection

If your grill gets a lot of sun then UV protection is very important. Without proper UV protection the vinyl on your grill cover will wear out much more quickly and allow water to seep through. If possible, purchase a heavy duty cover with a thick layer of vinyl that can block out the sun’s rays.


The warranty guarantees that the product will last as long as you own it. It covers all defects in materials and workmanship, which means you won’t have to pay for any repairs or replacements during the warranty period. If something breaks, just send it back for a new one! This is especially important with grill accessories because they’re often exposed to more abuse than other products in your home.

Tips For Using Your Grill Cover Properly

A grill cover can be a real lifesaver. Not only will it keep your gas or charcoal grill clean and protected from the elements, it can also help extend its life and performance. Like any product, however, it needs to be used properly in order to work right.

Here are some tips for using cover properly:

If you have a metal output, make sure you allow the grill to completely cool down before placing it on it.

Make sure to store your cover in a dry place when not in use, so that it can also remain dry.

When you are removing cover, pull it off away from the grill instead of pulling back towards you. This helps to avoid damaging the fabric and possibly tearing it.

When storing grill cover, try folding it or rolling it up and storing it in a dry place. This helps to avoid permanent creasing of the fabric which can be hard to get rid of and make your cover look old and used even before its time.

Today most grills come with detailed instructions for how best to handle them and take care of them so that they last longer.

How To Clean The Best Grill Cover

After you have been grilling for a while, you may get a stain or two on your barbecue cover. Even if this hasn’t happened to you yet, it is bound to happen at some point.

Regular cleaning of the grill cover will keep it looking new and prolong its life. Below we will help you clean a cover.

Step One: Start by taking the cover off the grill. This will make it easier to clean and also gives some air.

Step Two: Take out all the debris and other trash in the pockets of the cover and throw away. You can also use a vacuum cleaner or broom to sweep out any dirt or debris left behind on the cover.

Step Three: Next, wash the cover with regular dish soap and water to get rid of most of the stains and general dirtiness. Make sure that you don’t completely soak up the grill cover as this will lead to mold growth later on. You can use a sponge or soft cloth for this step and gently scrub away at any stains.

Step Four: If there are any stubborn stains that won’t come off after washing with soap and water, spray them with a mixture of water and vinegar. Let the grill cover soak in the vinegar mixture for 15 minutes.

Step Five: Rinse off the vinegar mixture and scrub off any stains with a soft cloth or sponge. Feel free to add soap if you find that you still have some stubborn stains.

Step Six: After you have cleaned off all the stains, let the cover air dry in a well-lit area. You don’t want to put the cover back onto grill without it being completely dry. Putting a wet grill cover on the grill can lead to mold growth or simply just leave wet spots that will attract dirt on the grill.

You can also put the cover in the dryer on a low heat setting to remove any moisture left on the grill cover.

Step Seven: Finally, let grill sit uncovered for two days to allow it to air out before you put cover back onto the grill. This will help prevent mold growth inside your cover.

Tip: Some cooks spray their covers with cooking oil before storing them away when they are not using them so that they won’t stain as easily.

Other Questions Worth Asking

What happens if you don’t cover your grill?

If you don’t cover, it can easily become damaged by the elements of nature. Rain and snow can rust your grill’s metal components, while windblown dust and dirt can clog its burner holes. Even worse, these contaminants can get blown into your food as you cook on the dirty surface.

Should you cover your grill in summer?

While many people opt not to use a cover in the summer months since they are cooking outside more often, the reality is that if you want to keep grill looking and working like new, covering it year-round is vital.

Whether it’s rain or snow, sun or sleet — all types of weather can cause damage to your outdoor appliances. Letting precipitation and debris accumulate on your appliance’s surface makes it harder to clean and can leave unsightly marks.

Should a grill cover touch the ground?

No. It’s safer to use a cover that doesn’t touch the ground, as this prevents heat from building up under the barbecue and potentially causing a fire. Even though you’re not using a grill cover that touches the ground, however, you should still make sure grill is placed on a non-flammable surface.

Do grill covers cause rust?

Yes. If you leave a grill outside without a cover, it will eventually rust. But it can also trap moisture inside of them and speed up this process. The best way to prevent rusting is to buy a waterproof or water-resistant grill cover and wipe down any standing water or condensation with a towel after each use.


I strongly believe that the best grill cover is the one which fits your grill. You know how long you will use a grill and for what purpose you need it.  So, to find the best product for you is simply to find the most suitable one for your needs.  There are many brands and types of grill covers on the market nowadays. So, choose wisely.

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