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How To Eat Jackfruit According To the Asian Experience

Asia is a land full of mysteries about ancient and ancient cultures, and here there are many exciting and unique but equally delicious cuisines. Do you know jackfruit? What shape, taste, how to eat jackfruit, when should not eat them. The following article is for you, the mysteries of this fruit will be revealed shortly. Continue reading:

What Is A Jackfruit?

Have you ever seen a jackfruit? I’m sure those who haven’t seen it will mistake it for a durian. But the facts are that jackfruit is a plant that originated in India. In Asia, it is considered a fruit that belongs to the category of delicacies. It has a round shape, with fruits weighing up to 44 kg.

What Is A Jackfruit
Pictures of ripe jackfruit

The taste of jackfruit is excellent, has a strong sweet taste, long-lasting aroma, chewy and crispy. The taste is described as a combination of apples and bananas mixed. When jackfruit is overripe, it usually has a strong sweet and pungent smell. In particular, your hands will retain the scent for a long time when eating them. The inside of the jackfruit has brown seeds, which can be eaten but must be boiled or roasted. Tips for eating jackfruit seeds after eating them can reduce heat as well as indigestion.

It is not easy to find in supermarkets in Europe, as it is a fruit grown mainly in Asian countries. So you can only buy it in traditional Vietnamese and Chinese markets or on e-commerce channels like Amazon.

You can tell if jackfruit is damaged by looking at its outer skin if the skin turns dark brown when pressed against the soft spines and has a sour smell. It is best if it is greasy, slimy, or has an unpleasant odor. Then it proves that the jackfruit is broken.

What Does Jackfruit Look Like?

The skin is thick, green, and adorned with sharp spines resembling the skin of a durian. Inside there is a lot of sticky plastic-like chewing gum. Hidden deep inside are the yellow, shiny and fragrant jackfruit. Typically, there are two main types: chewy jackfruit and honey jackfruit. It is usually softer, mushy like durian, and this fruit is dry and dry.

Health Benefits of Jackfruit

It is one of the fruits that contain extremely high levels of nutrients and are necessary for the body. Looking at its shape, it looks rough, ugly, with so many thorns. But it is a fruit that has excellent healing and weight loss effects. Read on to know what its significant benefits are.

1. Effective Cancer Prevention

Few of us know that jackfruit is not only a delicious fruit, but it also prevents cancer from a very early age. According to studies, the content of isoflavones, lignans, and saponins in jackfruit can prevent free radicals, help fight cancer and many other dangerous diseases. In addition, it also contains many essential nutrients and vitamins such as electrolytes, fiber, protein, vitamin A, regularly supplementing jackfruit to help support blood circulation and provide quick energy for the body. When tired or overworked.

Saponins in jackfruit have been shown to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, eating this fruit is an excellent habit to help you prevent cancer early.

Besides, lignans and isoflavones are two compounds that help reduce the risk of endometrial cancer. According to many studies, if women consume many isoflavones and lignans, they have a lower cancer risk than the general population.

2. Build a Healthy Immune System

The truth is that jackfruit is a fruit that is as rich in vitamin C as an orange. We know, Vitamin C is a substance that helps the body fight viral and bacterial infections. In addition, it helps boost immune system function by supporting the process of white blood cells. Maybe you don’t know that just one cup of jackfruit juice can provide the body with many antioxidants to help protect the body, helping your skin be full of vitality, rosy, and better resistance?

3. It Gives You Bright Eyes and Healthy Skin.

Jackfruit contains many vitamin A, a nutrient that significantly affects maintaining the eyes and skin health. If you are unfortunate enough to have eye diseases such as night blindness, or macular degeneration, it can protect your eyes from that disease very well. Therefore, eating jackfruit regularly helps you have bright, healthy eyes and shiny, rosy skin.

4. Calcium Supplement for Strong Bones

Magnesium in jackfruit is an essential nutrient in calcium absorption, thereby combining with calcium to create strong and healthy bones and prevent bone-related disorders such as osteoporosis in old age. Children and the elderly use jackfruit to minimize bone aging and calcium deficiency in their daily diet.

5. Prevention of Anemia

This fruit is a fruit rich in iron. Eating jackfruit helps prevent anemia and control blood circulation in the body, avoiding a stroke or cerebrovascular accident. It is an excellent fruit for those on a diet to prevent deficiency of iron without fear of obesity and being overweight.

How Do Asians Cut Jackfruit?

How Do Asians Cut Jackfruit
How to eat jackfruit

To find out how Asians eat this fruit, let’s see how to open it first. How to get the jackfruit pulp inside. It looks as tricky as the way we cut a durian, but if you know how to do it right, you will find that it is not difficult at all. It’s straightforward. Let’s see:

  • Way 1: First, to open a jackfruit, you must have it ready to practice. Remember not to choose a damaged jackfruit; prepare a sharp knife, gloves if necessary, and cooking oil. First, the left hand holds the jackfruit, and the right hand has a knife to cut along the length of the fruit, containing this fruit firmly so as not to cut into the hand.
  • Way 2: Cut into pieces in the shape of areca, use a paperboard to wipe off the jackfruit plastic. If it sticks to your knife, use a towel dipped in cooking oil and wipe on the knife surface, wash with clean water. Remember to cut off the white part until only the jackfruit is left.
  • Way 3: Use two hands to bend the jackfruit back to make it easier to peel the fruit, remove the pulp, and take the yellow part. You can remove the seed inside or not. Its seeds cannot be eaten raw, so do not eat both the pulp and sources simultaneously. Take it out and put it in an airtight container. Keep it in the fridge for 2-3 days.

*Tips: If, unfortunately, you have plastic on your hand, use paper to wipe the plastic, take a lemon close to your hand. The plastic will not stick anymore. You may not know it, but the fiber part of the jackfruit can still be eaten unless the fiber is large, thick, yellow, and has a very delicious sweet taste.

How To Eat Jackfruit

Asians often use jackfruit not only as a dessert fruit but it is also processed into a variety of dishes such as tea, salad, soup, soup, and even as a snack. Let’s see how Asians eat jackfruit:

Making snacks

A few Southeast Asian countries often dry dried fruits such as dragon fruit, pineapple, mango, potato, and banana into dried goods to be preserved for more extended and used longer. In addition, when dried, jackfruit retains its deliciousness and becomes crispy, very similar to a snack. It’s great to enjoy it during the World Cup soccer game or watch a movie with the family on the weekend.

Dried jackfruit is very easy to make at home

Traditional Eating

Asians often know how to use fruits in the form of natural food without processing. Because it can keep the purest flavor of this tropical fruit, especially jackfruit, only eating directly can you feel the full taste of this fruit, fragrant, sweet, and crispy? Eat one pack and want a second pack.

Making Salads

Suppose you are too familiar with using cherry tomatoes, olives, carrots, potatoes, peas for your salad. Now you can confidently use jackfruit; instead, its sweetness combined with other vegetables not only makes the dish more attractive but also increases the nutritional value of your meal.

Make Soup or Curry

Some countries like Thailand or Japan also often use jackfruit as an ingredient for soups or curries to add flavor without MSG. As well as the high fiber and vitamin content in jackfruit, it is advisable to count calories to the dish, especially for those who are vegetarian or on a diet.

In addition, they also use jackfruit for cooking soup or making savory dishes such as fried, fried, which is also quite strange and delicious.

Avoid Doing Five Things After Eating Jackfruit

Do not exclude any fruit, no matter how beneficial it is, but if we do not understand its taboos, it is also a danger to our bodies. Let’s find out which subjects can’t eat jackfruit or should not combine it with what foods:

Avoid Doing Five Things After Eating Jackfruit
How to eat jackfruit

1. Do Not Eat When Hungry

With some people following a healthy diet, removing starch from meals is often a habit instead of adding fruits and vegetables to each meal. But you do not know that you absolutely should not eat jackfruit on an empty stomach because it will cause the body’s blood sugar to rise suddenly, causing bloating and indigestion. Remember to only eat this fruit after about 1-2 hours after eating. Should eat jackfruit with other ripe fruits to supplement enough vitamin and mineral content for the body.

2. People with Diabetes, Obesity Need to Limit Eating Jackfruit

Because jackfruit contains a lot of sugar, it causes a feeling of heat in the body after eating, especially for people with a history of diabetes, fatty liver, and obesity. These symptoms are most apparent. Therefore, you should consider when eating fruits with a lot of sugar, it is best to give up altogether.

3. Causing Heat Inside

If you eat enough jackfruit, it will significantly provide adequate vitamins and energy for the body. Still, on the contrary, overeating will cause pimples, hot flashes, and a hot liver. Experts recommend that you only eat about 3-4 pieces of jackfruit per day for people with severe fatty liver.

4. Do Not Eat In the Evening

There is a saying, “Breakfast is king, lunch is queen, dinner is beggar,” because the amount of starch in the body will be converted into sugar when eating dinner. Jackfruit is a fruit with a lot of sugar, so it should not be consumed in the evening. Because it has high fiber content, eating at this time will be challenging to digest, causing a feeling of warmth and discomfort at night.

5. Pregnant Women

Commonly, pregnant women can still eat jackfruit, but in moderation. Because overeating jackfruit can make pregnant women suffer from abdominal pain, adversely affecting the stomach and having a bowel movement because the fiber content in jackfruit is very high. On the other hand, if the mother has a blood disorder, eating this fruit can accelerate blood clotting and cause dangerous symptoms. It can even change the sugar ratio for a pregnant woman with diabetes. Therefore, you should not eat jackfruit if you have gestational diabetes.

What Can Jackfruit Do?

More than just a super delicious and nutritious tropical fruit. But when combined with other recipes, it also makes that dish more flavorful and becomes exceptionally new. It is not only delicious when eaten directly but can also be processed with a variety of recipes such as pizza, salad, Tacos, Thai vegetarian dishes, BBQ, burgers,… Change the atmosphere a little with See what Asians use jackfruit in the following words:

1. Crispy Fried Jackfruit Cake

Fried jackfruit? Have you ever thought about it? The sweetness of jackfruit combined with the crispy taste of the flour, the flesh of black sesame will be a unique and new dish to show off to your friends.

Crispy Fried Jackfruit Cake


  • Ten big jackfruit
  • One tablespoon flour
  • One tablespoon deep-fried flour
  • One teaspoon sugar
  • One tablespoon black sesame

How to way: 

  • Step 1: Cut jackfruit in half, remove seeds
  • Step 2: Mix flour, fried flour, sugar, black sesame together, add water slowly until it becomes a thick paste.
  • Step 3: Put the cooking oil in the pan. When the oil is hot, dip the jackfruit in the flour mixture, fry on both sides until golden brown, remove to drain the oil, and sprinkle a little black sesame on top to add a beautiful part; arrange the jackfruit on a plate. Enjoy it!

*Tips: Making the dish more delicious, you can dip jackfruit with chili sauce or ketchup.

2. Cashew Jackfruit Milk

You are wondering about finding a new drink, replacing cow’s milk for the whole family for breakfast. Let’s try your hand at making the recipe below. Surely it will be a new delicious, nutritious drink that the entire family will love.

Cashew Jackfruit Milk


  • 120 gr jackfruit seeds
  • 40 gr roasted cashews
  • 40 gr rock sugar
  • A few grains of pink salt
  • Ten dried butterfly pea flowers

How to do: 

  • Step 1: Boiled jackfruit seeds, peeled. Place all ingredients except the butterfly pea flower in the blender. Pour 1l of 70-degree water into the mortar and grind until all ingredients are pureed. Use a nut milk machine, so you don’t have to filter the residue. If using a blender, filter it through a sieve.
  • Step 2:  Soak butterfly pea flowers in boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the flowers.
  • Step 3: If you want to mix colors, pour colored water into the milk while it is still hot and shake well to get a green color
  • Step 4: If you want the color to stratify, wait for it to cool. Tilt the milk bottle and slowly pour in the blue water. You can add one teaspoon of cocoa, and the milk will be like milo.

*Tips: You can put jackfruit in a glass bottle and keep it in the fridge for 1-2 days.

Is Jackfruit a Good Meat Substitute?


1. What part of the jackfruit do you not eat?

It is a delicious fruit with a sweet, attractive taste. But there are some things on this fruit that cannot be eaten: the thorny skin of the jackfruit and the fibrous part that covers the pulp. In cases of, if the pulp of the jackfruit is thick and yellow, you can still eat it. If the fiber is thin and white, don’t eat it, it may cause worms.

2.  Does eating jackfruit peel cause a stomach ache? 

Before answering this question, you probably don’t want to eat the hard, rough part of the jackfruit. If you accidentally eat jackfruit peel, it does not cause abdominal pain, but it has a bitter, acrid taste and is uncomfortable, even disgusting.

3. Can jackfruit seeds be eaten?

A few people do not know about this fruit, often discarding its seeds, but you do not know that eating jackfruit seeds is very good for the digestive system. Its seeds are very fleshy, delicious, nutritious, but remember to boil them and not eat them. directly.

4. Is it okay to eat jackfruit fiber?

As mentioned above, eating jackfruit fiber is not harmful, but it is elementary to get worms and flukes if you eat the thin, white wool. Only eat the large, yellow fiber.

5.  What part of jackfruit is poisonous?

Have you ever wondered if which parts of the jackfruit are poisonous? It seeds look inedible. They are very delicious and have a very high nutritional value. They have been linked to some health benefits, including improved digestion and cholesterol levels. That said, they can interfere with nutrient absorption if eaten raw and increase the risk of bleeding in people who are taking certain medications.

What about other parts? Fruit is not, but the leaves, roots, and stems (and in limited doses, even some unripe fruit) are rich in tomatine, an alkaloid that is mildly toxic to humans. It won’t kill you unless you lose weight and its kilos, but it has the potential to cause some gastrointestinal upset for you.


Jackfruit is not only an easy-to-eat, delicious fruit but also has a lot of sound healing effects for the body. But anyway, you should not overeat jackfruit in a month if you do not want to get pimples. Hopefully, through this article, we have brought you knowledge about this fruit and how to eat jackfruit effectively. Remember the taboos in eating this fruit. Pay attention to whether you belong to that group of subjects. And when you have free time, try processing jackfruit yourself according to the recipe that we share.

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