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How To Eat Rambutan Fruit – The Best Ways to Enjoy

Coming to Asian countries, you will not be surprised by the mysterious beauty of traditional cultures imbued with national character, but also by the rich and diverse cuisine here. There are countless kinds of eye-catching tropical fruits. There, there is a fruit called Rambutan that is rich in nutrients and has anti-cancer effects. Do you know this fruit? Today’s article will show you how to eat Rambutan fruit: Very simple and good tips to choose to buy this delicious fruit.

What are Rambutans and Where is it from?

What are Rambutans
Delicious Asian rambutan

Surely 100% of those who have never been to Southeast Asian countries will not know this fruit. Rambutan is also known as Chom Chom. This plant is native to Malaysia. The name Rambutan refers to the hairy fruit. In China, it is often called Hong Mao Dan. In the tropical country of Vietnam, it is called “Chom Chom.”

It has a round shape, small size like a chicken egg, the shell is bright red combined with blue, outside the thick, hard surface is a lot of soft hairs like a sea urchin. Besides, it is a plant that likes hot and humid climates, so it is often grown mainly in countries with tropical climates. So, if you live in cold temperatures but want to grow this fruit, it is not possible.

What Does Rambutan Taste Like?

About its taste, if you eat a young rambutan, it will taste relatively light and sour. But if you eat the ripe fruit, it will have a delightful taste and a lot of water. Chewing for a long time is quite similar to jelly. Because it is in the same family as lychee, it is rather like lychee or grapes.

Six Health Benefits of Rambutan 

It is a delicious and highly nutritious fruit, especially good for human health at all ages. Only this tiny fruit is effective in preventing cancer. Do you believe it? Here are six practical uses of rambutan fruit that you cannot ignore:

Health Benefits of Rambutan
How to eat rambutan

1. Support weight loss

Like other fruits, it provides fiber and vitamin A to the body. Eating rambutan can also aid weight loss and reduce visceral fat in the body over time. Specifically, the nutritional value of rambutan is estimated as follows:

+ In 100 grams of rambutan fruit, it has a calorie content of 82 kcal. Which contains 0.343mg of manganese, 0.35mg of iron, 0.08mg of zinc, 8mcg of folate, 0.022mg of riboflavin, 0.02mg of vitamin B6 and 0.013mg of thiamin.

+ In addition, 100g of rambutan fruit meat contains nutrients such as 20.87g carbohydrates, 0.21g fat, 0.65g protein, 22mg calcium, 7 mg magnesium, 9mg phosphorus, 42mg potassium, 11mg sodium, 4.9mg vitamin C, 1,352mg niacin, 0.9g fiber.

Because the fiber content is more than the calorie content, eating rambutan helps us feel fuller for longer, without cravings, supporting outstanding weight loss. On the other hand, when it meets the water environment, the soluble fiber found in this fruit will create a gel-like substance in the intestines, slowing down the digestion of food, helping us to stay hungry longer and no longer have cravings. Again.

2. Anti-inflammation

Rambutan is in the group of fruits with high vitamin C content like guava. It helps promote red blood cells that fight harmful bacteria in the body and reduce inflammation and infection. Especially in the peel of this fruit, where the most anti-inflammatory compounds for the body are concentrated, heal open wounds, and eliminate harmful bacteria. But most people throw away the shell and don’t eat it. Because if you use it, use the color of drinking water.

Whether your body is tired or feels tired, please add rambutan fruit to your daily menu because it effectively strengthens the resistance and immune system.

3. Provides nutrients and is rich in antioxidants

It is just a tiny fruit, but it has many nutrients in it, not only fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, but also copper and other minerals.

  • Copper: In science, copper is known as a substance that maintains cells related to bones, brain, heart. Rambutan contains a high amount of copper, which helps to enhance the development of bones and joints and reduce osteoporosis in both the elderly and children.
  • Rich in Vitamin C: Rambutan contains 4.9 mg of vitamin C. This content is relatively high to help the body absorb iron better, reduce hair loss, rejuvenate the skin, remove harmful free radicals. Enhance blood circulation in the body, reduce anemia. Increase your body’s resistance. Experts’ advice is that you should eat about five rambutans every day, which means you have provided 50% of your body’s vitamin C.
  • Other minerals: Besides the above substances, rambutan has about 7mg magnesium, 9mg phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and fiber. The phosphorus content in this fruit helps remove toxins from the body through the kidney filtering mechanism, preventing kidney stones. Fiber helps relieve constipation. According to nutrition experts, if you eat four rambutan fruits a day, that means you have added 2-6% of the minerals needed by the body.

Most notably, the peel of this fruit has an unexpected effect: the rambutan seed helps reduce pigmentation and freckles because of its antioxidant properties. Moreover, it also balances blood sugar levels in the body. But it is a deadly poison if you are unfortunate enough to eat it directly. Therefore, the seeds must be boiled first or dried thoroughly before eating to remove the plastic. Eating rambutan seeds must be based on a doctor’s prescription. Don’t overeat.

4. Promotes sound digestive system

The fiber content in rambutan is relatively high, equivalent to the number of vitamins in oranges, apples, and guava. As a result, it can improve digestive problems, especially those who suffer from constipation or indigestion, and support the treatment of diseases related to the intestines.

The reason is that the fiber content in this fruit is insoluble fiber, so when it enters the intestines, it will make the stool larger. From there, it is easier to pass out, avoiding the risk of hemorrhoids. Besides, this fiber is also a food source for the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. They produce a type of short-chain fat that reduces inflammation and gut disorders like ulcerative colitis.

5. Reduce the risk of cancer

Like many scientific studies, it has been shown that flat ovoid and phenolic compounds present in the skin and seeds of rambutan fruit have special effects in preventing and fighting the spread of cancer cells, reducing the size of the rambutan. But rambutan seeds cannot be eaten directly because the toxicity can be deadly.

6. Prevention of diabetes

Some studies have shown that antioxidant extracts from rambutan fruit seeds can reduce and lower blood sugar in people with a history of diabetes. This research promises to be of great help to people suffering from this disease with the ability to be cured in the not too distant future.

How to Peel Rambutan

How to Eat Rambutan Fruit with Only Four Steps

Surely those who have never seen this fruit will eat it hilariously and spontaneously. Here are a few steps that show you

how to eat this fruit like an Asian:

  1. Choosing rambutan: Choose one ripe rambutan, wash and drain. Pay attention not to choose fruit with wilted skin, soft spines because the fruit may already be damaged.
  2. Cut the rambutan skin. First, use a sharp knife to hold the top of the fruit with one hand and use the other hand to split the rambutan in half. Remember to cut carefully so as not to enter the flesh inside.
  3. Separation of seeds: We obtain around milky white rambutan fruit using a fingernail to remove the cut shell. Use a knife to cut the fruit’s flesh in half, then use a knife to separate the meat clockwise, removing the seeds. Or you can use your hands to peel the flesh from the sources.
  4. Eat rambutan.

Please pick up the fruit flesh and put it on a plate to eat directly, or the fastest way to eat it is to hold the whole fruit in your hand, then use your teeth to eat the flesh and remove the seeds. Some people eat the entire fruit source, but doctors recommend not to eat the seeds directly because it is dangerous to our lives.

Where Is Buy Rambutan?

Because of the characteristics of this plant, it cannot be eaten when it is green, and it must be picked when the fruit is ripe on the tree. Therefore, it is impossible to buy this fruit until the new season, unlike bananas, tomatoes, or mangoes, which can be picked while still green and left to ripen. Typically, you can buy Rambutan at Asian markets, Chinese and Vietnamese markets, or big supermarket chains like Costco, Amazon, or Walmart,…

How to Choose Sweet And Fresh Rambutan

Although rambutan is a delicious fruit, not everyone knows how to choose fleshy, succulent, and not sour fruits. So how do you choose tasty, sweet, and fresh rambutan fruits? You can apply some ways below when you go to buy this fruit at the market or supermarket:


Observe the skin and spines of the fruit

To check the freshness of rambutan fruit, look at its peel, use your fingernail to press on the crispy, challenging, and not watery part. Moreover, the spines on the outside of the skin must be green or bright red like a ripe tomato, and the spines must be rigid. Prove that this rambutan is still fresh.

On the other hand, if the rambutan skin is soft, typically turning from bright red to dark brown, the rambutan is spoiled. The spines are downward and more temperate, depending dark, less hairy. It is best not to buy because this fruit may have been left for a long time. The flesh is brutal and rotten.

Note: Should choose rambutan fruits with a round shape like chicken eggs, bright red skin. Avoid choosing long ones because those are flat fruits, no intestines inside, only young seeds.

Observe the leaves in the fruit bunch

Another feature you can easily distinguish between fresh and young fruit is looking at the fruit’s leaves.

Suppose the leaves are dry, too. Even the young fruit is black, showing that many fruits have been picked and left for a long time. You should not buy it!

How to Choose Sweet And Fresh Rambutan
Signs to identify damaged rambutan fruit by peel color

Observe the rambutan pulp

A standard rambutan is a delicious fruit when it has the following characteristics:

The pulp of the rambutan must be milky white, round, succulent, with a light fragrance. The smaller the seed, the thicker and tastier the pulp. Or this type of rambutan is called longan rambutan, with a mild odor.

If the rambutan pulp turns opaque yellow, oozes a lot of water, the pulp is soft, and there is a pungent smell, the fruit that has been damaged or left for a long time will no longer be delicious and crispy and peeled.

Do not choose bright yellow fruits.

The yellow rambutan fruits are not damaged ones, but they are picked when they are young, so the sugar has not yet dropped into the fruit, leading to a more sour taste, not peeling.

Select rambutan by type:

Typically, there are many different types of rambutan, each with its distinguishing characteristics as follows:

If you want to buy the best rambutan, longan is the king with thick flesh, many pulps, tiny seeds, sweet and succulent. They have a yellow shell that turns 2/3 to red, rigid spines, evenly spaced, fresh outside, not runny when peeled off.

In contrast, when ripe, Thai rambutan has a red skin dotted with yellow, the spines are stiff and green, or pink-yellow on the top of the spines, the flesh is quite crispy, but when the peel is removed, a little appears. Secret.

Finally, the rambutan peels off with bright red skin when ripe, and the spines are dense when the peel is separated. It is dry without molasses at all.

Price of Rambutan

At what price are rambutans sold? In Asian countries, when buying at the garden, the cost of 1 kg of rambutan will range from 35,000-40,000 VND, equivalent to nearly 2 dollars. On e-commerce sites like Amazon, 2 pounds of rambutan is sold for about $29, but if you go to the local fruit store during the off-season, you can buy it for about five cheaper for 2 dollars.

How to Store Rambutan

Is it difficult to preserve this delicious fruit? The answer is quite simple. If you are a fan of rambutan and want to buy more than once to eat gradually, try the following method:

  • Step 1: The first thing is wiping off the dirt on the fruit with a wet or dry towel. Do not wash too clean because the fruit is easily damaged.
  • Step 2: Next, separate the fruit from the branch, put it in a sealed nylon bag in the vegetable compartment. This method can be stored for at least two weeks.

Another way: Use a knife to halve the rambutan rind, separate the fruit inside, then put it in a glass jar (sterilized), mix a mixture of sugar water and sour powder, and pour it into the pot. Then put it in the refrigerator, or keep it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. This method can be stored for up to 12 months.

Things to Avoid When Eating Rambutan

Although it carries a lot of good benefits for human health and beauty. But if misused or overdosed, it will be counterproductive. The following cases are typical examples to avoid when eating rambutan:

Things to Avoid When Eating Rambutan
How to eat rambutan

1. People with diabetes

A rambutan is packed with vitamins and high in fiber, making it an excellent way for people with diabetes to serve the fruit without a lot of calories/carbs. Scientific studies have shown that eating rambutan helps to reduce insulin levels and regulate blood sugar. But do not be subjective because people with diabetes are susceptible to sweets, so ask your doctor before eating this fruit.

2. Do not eat rambutan peels

You may not know that the bark of the rambutan tree is highly effective in preventing cancer. The rambutan peel is not edible. But it has excellent effects on the prevention of cancer. Because it contains gallic acid and flavonoid, which helps prevent the growth of free radical cells in the body. Using rambutan rind as a daily drink can eliminate carcinogens from your body.

3. Eat broken rambutan

If you live in the West, you will rarely know this fruit. This fruit, when rotten, has no different symptoms than ripe fruit, just the skin is darker, the inside is smelly and watery, the part fluff wilted, discolored. Therefore, many people do not know that it is easy to eat rotten fruit.

Telling You a Simple Recipe: Rambutan Salad

Rambutan is delicious when eaten directly, but it is also a spice to add nutrients, flavor to vegetable salads or make smoothies. Moreover, it can also be used to make cakes, cocktails, tea, or spice your curries less spicy. Today, we will introduce to you a simple recipe with the main ingredient of this rambutan fruit and only take 15 minutes to do it:

What do you need: 

  • Rambutan (8 Fruits)
  • Fresh Prawns (200 G)
  •  White wine (30 ml)
  • Mayonnaise Sauce (2 Tbsp)
  • Crispy Fried Flour (2 Tbsp)
  •  Salt (1/2 Tbsp)
  •  Seasoning Seeds (1/2 Tbsp)
  • Frying Oil (½ Tbsp)

How to do

  1. First, clean the shrimp, peel, cut off the black thread, put in a bowl, add 30ml of white wine, and mix well.
  2. Next, add two tablespoons of fried flour, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, mix well into the cleaned shrimp mixture.
  3. Heat the pan before frying. Pour oil across the pan. Fry the shrimp until the color of the wings is placed on absorbent paper to reduce fat.
  4. Then, preliminarily process the rambutan, remove the skin, remove the flesh and discard the seeds. Put the collected rambutan in a bowl. Add the fried shrimp, add more or less mayonnaise depending on your preference, and mix well. Finally, put on a plate and add a little rosemary leaf to increase the aroma. And enjoy!

FAQs About How To Eat Rambutan Fruit

1. Does eating rambutan have acne?

Rambutan is a fruit with many great health benefits. But if you overeat, this fruit becomes very “poisonous.” This fruit has a high carbohydrate content, so eating many rambutans will cause acne on the face, especially women in perimenopause and people with hot bodies. For people with boils, canker sores, if overheated, will make this situation worse.

2.  How many rambutans can be eaten in a day?

A portion of really healthy food if we know how to use it properly. For healthy people, every day, we should only eat about 400-500g of rambutan. Typically 1 kg of rambutan fluctuates about 35-50 fruits.

3. Can rambutan be cured?

Completely ripe rambutan fruit has no therapeutic effect. But the green rambutan is different. It can cure diarrhea and dysentery. Rambutan leaves cure headaches. Root decoction is used to reduce fever. The fruit and seeds reduce diabetes and high blood pressure.

4. Can pregnant women eat rambutan?

For pregnant women, rambutan has the effect of reducing nausea and dizziness in the morning. Due to the high iron content in rambutan, it reduces fatigue and dizziness. Moreover, vitamin E in rambutan helps the skin nourish from deep within and soothe itching in pregnant women. However, do not overeat. Because everything has pros and cons, it is best to consult a doctor before eating.

5. Can eat rambutan improve sperm quality in men?

Some scientists have shown that vitamin C is one of the elements that help sperm grow strong. But the content of this substance in rambutan fruit is relatively high. In short, if men have physiological problems in having children, they can use this fruit in their daily meals.


Mother nature always gives us beautiful things in life. The rambutan fruit was born with a bad shape, but it has great uses as a dessert fruit and can cure diseases. Understanding how to eat rambutan fruit will help you have the most authentic experience of this fruit. Unfortunately, on a beautiful weekend, you and your family go to the supermarket to shop, accidentally see this fruit, apply the above ways to choose to buy yourself the freshest, most delicious, and sweet fruit.

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