How To Eat Rice With Chopsticks? Best Tips for You

Asia is a convergence of long-standing and mysterious traditional cultural beauties. When it comes to the cuisine of Eastern people, we must definitely mention an indispensable item in every meal and daily routine of the people here. Those are chopsticks. Have you ever seen it before? Today’s article will show you the history of the birth of chopsticks, simply how to eat rice with chopsticks, and notes when using chopsticks during meals.
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What Do You Know About Chopsticks?

In Western countries, it is certainly no stranger to the set of knives and forks that are indispensable in every meal, but if you go to Asia or Chinese, Japanese, and Korean restaurants, you will come across an object called chopsticks. So what are chopsticks? Where did its origin come from?

What do you know about chopsticks

In primitive times, people only knew how to mainly use their hands to hold and hold things. Some archaeological studies indicate that the wand was born from the Shang Dynasty (1766-1122 BC). But at that time, its basic form was just metal rods of equal length. The wave of cultural introduction in neighboring Asian countries, when it came to Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, was transformed into a new style. In Japan, chopsticks are divided into two types: one used in frying is covered with metal at the tip to avoid oil absorption; The second is that cooking chopsticks are usually made of bamboo. In Vietnam, chopsticks are associated with a fairy tale about friendship, made of wood, bamboo, or plastic.

Chopsticks are tools used to pick up food in Asian culture, it has a length of about 15 cm, with two long, equally pointed rods, usually made of wood, bamboo, or plastic, stainless steel, etc. The image of chopsticks is associated with everyday life, in every kitchen, every meal of every Asian.

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Four Methods To Hold Chopsticks Firmly And Simply for Beginners

Using chopsticks is not too difficult. If we have the determination and eagerness to learn, above all, master its techniques, you will definitely use professional chopsticks like

Four Methods To Hold Chopsticks
How to Eat Rice With Chopsticks

Mandatory Rules When Holding Chopsticks

To be able to hold chopsticks without falling while picking up food. You can imagine it quite like the way you have a pen. One chopstick stays still, the other moves up and down. So that the thumb holds the 2 chopsticks in the palm of the hand. Middle finger support below to avoid movement, gentle grip, no need to use force.

Four Ways to hold and hold chopsticks firmly.

Step 1: Straighten the two chopsticks on the table. Place the first chopstick between your index finger and thumb; Best to stay at the joint between the ring finger for fixation.

Step 2: Continue to place the second chopstick between the index finger and thumb to rest on the middle finger. Imagine it’s pretty similar to the sport of stilts in Vietnam.

Step 3: Use all 3 fingers, including the middle finger, index finger, and thumb, to fix the 2nd chopstick. The purpose is to make it not fall and easy to control up and down according to the user’s wishes.

Step 4: When picking up food, use your index finger to raise and lower the chopsticks above, remembering to fix both ends with your thumb so that the food does not fall. To pick up food firmly, use your index finger and thumb to open the chopsticks parallel to each other, clamp the food firmly, and then slowly bring it to your mouth.

Tips: To hold the chopsticks firmly and not to fall, first the two chopsticks must be equal, the chopsticks must be close to each other. After you get hold of it, we learn how to move it. Try to keep the lower chopstick still, only moving the upper chopstick between the ring finger and the index finger. Repeat this action 3 times to practice.

How to Eat Rice With Chopsticks?

If you are too familiar with the use of wheat products in European countries, in Asian countries, we encounter the image of pristine and golden rice fields. Rice is considered an irreplaceable food in every Asian meal. So do you know how to eat rice with chopsticks? If you do not know, immediately pocket the following methods:

Way 1: Rice is a portion of food containing a lot of starch. Its characteristic is that it is sticky and sticky. Therefore, when using chopsticks, it will be effortless to pick them up. First, you must fix the chopsticks in your hand so that the 2 chopsticks are equal, parallel to each other.

Way 2: Use your index finger and thumb to clamp the chopsticks firmly so that the chopsticks do not fall out during the picking process. The left hand holds the bowl, the right hand slightly opens the chopsticks into a V shape, don’t let it form an X shape. You will not be able to pick it up.

Way 3: Use the tip of the chopsticks to scoop up a mouthful of rice. Pay attention to scoop the rice from the bottom to the top. The level of rice grains more or less depends on the opening of the chopsticks. You can imagine it quite like the shoveling of a crane. In the process of moving, keep the chopsticks still. If you move it, there is a chance that the rice will fall out.

Way 4: Another way, you can eat rice with chopsticks quite quickly, which is to hold a bowl of rice in your left hand, and in your right hand to grab your chopsticks, keeping the bowl close to your mouth. This way does not need to open chopsticks, just hold firmly, put chopsticks side by side, and use force to push each piece of rice into your mouth. This method is rapid, but if you meet customers, do not use it because it is quite impolite. Depending on the situation, apply the effective manner.

How Do You Eat Noodles With Chopsticks?

In addition to rice, there is definitely a dish loved by many ages, which is noodles. Whether it’s water noodles, mixed noodles, dry noodles, or fried noodles, you can use chopsticks instead of forks. You don’t know, if you’ve learned how to use chopsticks well, you’ll probably prefer using chopsticks. Here are a few ways to eat noodles with chopsticks:

Way 1: Prepare any noodle dish you love. It can be water noodles or dry noodles. Next, make sure you have a pair of chopsticks in your home to practice.

Way 2: For water noodles, first, keep the left hand on the noodle bowl to avoid moving. The right-hand holds the chopsticks firmly so that the two pairs of chopsticks are equal. Similar to eating rice with chopsticks, but the noodles will be slippery and harder to grasp. To make it easier, grab the noodles and chopsticks in a straight line, so the noodles won’t fall.

Way 3: With dry noodles, like Spaghetti or fried noodles, keep the chopsticks upright and then slowly rotate the chopsticks into the noodles clockwise. The noodles will not fall.

Things to Avoid When Using Chopsticks

Things to Avoid When Using Chopsticks
How to Eat Rice With Chopsticks

Knowing how to use chopsticks is not enough. The most important thing is that you need to understand the taboos in the culture of using chopsticks in Asian countries so that when communicating, behavior becomes more historical and understanding. There are certainly some unintentional actions of yours, which can sometimes become destructive in the eyes of the opposite person if you use chopsticks in the following cases:

Long and short chopsticks are not the same.

Asians believe that holding chopsticks unequally is bad luck, a sign of death. The uneven arrangement of chopsticks is similar to the image of a coffin. A coffin is an object used to bury the dead. Therefore, when using chopsticks, remember to hold them evenly, do not let the long side, the short side.

Stick chopsticks in a bowl of rice.

Sometimes accidentally, you don’t know where to put your chopsticks properly. Many people stick their chopsticks straight into the rice bowl. This action is very offensive, but it is also taboo in Eastern countries because this image means burning incense for the dead.

Crossing chopsticks in the shape of an X.

Crossing chopsticks on the table is considered an act of protest and opposition to the opposite person. Therefore, you should pay attention to this detail when dining, especially with foreigners. Don’t let random things happen to make the other person intentionally misunderstand you, especially in socializing with Asians.

Index finger pointing out when holding chopsticks.

When holding chopsticks with your index finger pointing out, it’s like you’re constantly pointing at someone else. This action is meant to criticize and scold others. In addition, when talking during meals, do not use chopsticks to point at others. Because this is an act of disrespect and disrespect and makes the other party angry and leave.

Do not use chopsticks to cut food.

If you are used to the knife and fork culture in the West and when entering an Asian restaurant, you accidentally use chopsticks to cut food. Absolutely don’t do that. This is considered impolite.

Use Chopsticks to Pick Up One Dish In A Row.

You feel on the dining table only tuna salad or barbecue to your taste. And you just use chopsticks to pick up that dish consecutively. Don’t do that. Because let’s leave the opportunity for others to enjoy the same delicious food as you.


1. Is it rude to stick chopsticks in rice?

Each custom has its own characteristics, in which the use of chopsticks to eat rice is the same. Remember to never stick your chopsticks straight into your food or rice bowl. If you meet customers in an Asian restaurant, this is considered taboo during the meal, as it is associated with burning incense for the dead. You just need to put the chopsticks on top of the bowl or just next to the plate.

2. Are you supposed to eat rice with chopsticks?

In addition to eating rice with chopsticks, in Asian countries, they also use spoons to scoop rice. Indeed, using a spoon will be easier than chopsticks, and the amount of food you will get is more. Scooping rice is possible but eating some other dishes such as fish, vegetables, noodles, etc. You must use chopsticks.

3. Can children use chopsticks?

Chopsticks look pretty challenging to hold to those who have never used them. But in Asian countries, children from an early age have been taught how to hold chopsticks. They even created a small chopstick for children. A little more unique, it has a handle for children to efficiently control, unlike ordinary chopsticks.


The Eastern people have a saying: “Nothing is difficult, just afraid of not being strong.” That’s right, as long as you are passionate about Asian cuisine or want to experience unique cuisine in a Japanese sushi restaurant, or a Korean Ramen restaurant, etc. Try to learn how to hold chopsticks according to the technique above. La Cour Denver’s Art Bar believe that you can now be confident in knowing how to eat rice with chopsticks and behave politely and delicately when eating with Asian partners. . Good luck!

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