How To Use A Spiralizer? Make Fun With Vegetables

Vegetable noodles are fun. They’re not only low-fat, nutrient-packed, and bloat-free alternatives to regular pasta but also colorful and tasty!

To make vegetable noodles, all you need is a functional spiralizer slicing all kinds of veggies into curly, thin strips. Today, you’ll learn how to use a spiralizer via our step-by-step instructions below.

How you operate it depends on the model you own. In essence, you’ll need to trim the vegetable’s tip, put it into your machine, and turn with the crank (or your hand) smoothly until you gain the desired amount of zoodles.

Now, let’s break it down into detailed steps!

What Is A Spiralizer?

What Is A Spiralizer?
A spiralizer cuts yellow squash into clippings.

A spiralizer makes it much easier to add more fresh vegetables and fruits to your daily diet, which cuts them into linguine-like strands of faux noodles used as a substitute for pasta.

Spiralizers are highly versatile and effortless to use. You can find three primary types of spiral vegetable slicers, including electric, hand crank, and handheld.

While the last two kinds are manual devices, the first is typically either plug-in or battery-powered.

Most single-task, small-sized spiralizers come with a single set of blades, commonly found in handheld models and ones designed to deal with one sort of vegetable, such as carrots or sweet potatoes.

Yet, they’re still in high demand since many people purchase a veggie cutter to cut zucchini alone.

More advanced products (usually more costly countertops models) can include four different removable blade attachments. Users can use these machines to slice anything, from simple zucchini zoodles to more complicated potato recipes.

How To Use A Spiralizer?

The kind of spiralizer will determine how you will run it to slice your greens. Three of the most popular models are handheld, hand-crank countertop, and electric or mechanical spiralizers.

Depending on the type of your machine, follow the step-by-step spiralizer instructions below.

Hand Crank

How to use a hand-crank spiralizer
Trim your food before cutting it.

Tabletop devices are among the most straightforward to set up and use. Before activating the machine, you have to ensure that you’ve anchored it securely to the countertop.

Usually, most hand-crank spiralizers will include suction cups that hook the device firmly to the desired working surface.

Next, if the unit provides multiple blades, choose one and install it into your unit. Please be careful to avoid accidentally cutting yourself.

Rinse your fruits and vegetables and dry them. Trim one of the two ends to ensure they’re flat and even.

After that, push your greens into the slicer while positioning them flat with one end against the knife and holding the latter end fixed in place with a larger disk.

The next step is to turn the hand crank and see your veggie pasta strips pile up. Don’t forget to place a bowl or plate underneath the machine to hold your falling clippings.

After getting the desired quantity, add the spiralized veggies to your fav green recipes.


How to use handheld spiralizer
A handheld model works best with foods of less than two inches in diameter.

The steps of using a spiralizer vary depending on the type you own. While a handheld model requires almost the same steps as a hand-crank one, it might be a little more challenging to run if working with tiny pieces below two inches.

So, it’s better to put in foods with a diameter of one and ½ inches or larger.

A similar preparation step goes for this type of spiralizer. Wash the greens and trim one end so that they’re flat and even.

If your vegetables are longer than five inches, you should cut them in halves for easier handling. A rule of thumb is to go for two inches.

Next, choose a blade, attach it securely to the machine’s body, then place the trimmed food against the blade.

Twist the slicer clockwise manually to produce thin, long spirals, applying gentle pressure.

Once done, you now have the healthy, eye-catching ingredients to add to your noodles recipes.


How to use an electric spiralizer
A pronged pusher helps you slice the food more safely.

Electric models usually will come with user manuals. You should spend time reading them and get used to the instructions. Nevertheless, most models share the same operating fashion.

First, wash your slicing unit and assemble it following the provided user manual. Next, choose a blade as per the size of your veggies and set it to its place. Ensure that it’s tight and secure, then close the lid.

Trim the greens’ end to make them match the device’s dimensions. Next, press the pronged pusher into your veggies and insert it into the cutting machine.

Turn it on and slide the greens through its blade while applying gentle pressure. Continue until you get the desired quantity and you’re ready to cook your tasty vegetable noodles.

This video guides you through basic steps to use an electric spiral cutter.

How To Pick a Vegetable Spiralizer?

When choosing the best spiral fruit slicer, you need to consider your preference, kitchen space, and needs.

If you usually cook for many people, a hand-crank tabletop spiralizer will be a real deal. It has multiple blades for various noodle styles, such as wide, flat ribbons or spaghetti-like strands.

Should you don’t have much space in your kitchen, a countertop model doesn’t seem right for you.

Instead, a handheld vegetable zoodle maker is the perfect selection, particularly if you don’t often make buckets of veggie noodles at one time.

Meanwhile, electric models can handle different kinds of greens – one of the best zucchini noodle makers or yellow summer squashes.

Plus, they don’t require much muscle pressure to deal with hard veggies. So, we recommend going for this type of spiral slicer if you have a generous budget.

Final Words

With a functional spiralizer on hand, you can add versatility to your healthy pasta recipes with boundless ingredients, from carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, zucchini, squash, and almost any green with a fresh, starchy texture.

Whether you’re seeking a low-calorie, low-carb, gluten-free alternative to spaghetti or simply a sucker for green food, a vegetable slicer is a ticket to delicious, colorful zoodles.

You’ll need it! That’s why you should learn how to use a spiralizer right from today. It’s time to add fun to the regular meals!

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