An Ultimate Guide To Uruguay Food – All Things You Need To Know

The best way to truly understand a country is to enjoy its food. You may learn about what Uruguayans eat every day to have a clear grasp of their traditions and culture.

There is no limit to what we can say about Uruguay food. This article aims to introduce the most famous options of Uruguay’s long-standing iconic cuisines.

Are you ready? Scroll down to discover interesting facts about Uruguayan food!

Guide to the best Uruguayan food

Most Famous Uruguay Food 

An unlimited food list will be waiting for you when you visit this country. We will divide it into different sections to find your way easier.

Main dish 

Let’s start with some dishes that can make you full. We strongly recommend Chivito, Choripan, and Pancho.

  • Chivito

Chivito is Uruguay’s most renowned and also the country’s national cuisine. It’s more than a sandwich; it’s an awesome sandwich.

Beefsteak, pickles, cheese, tomatoes, eggs, and mayonnaise make up this dish. The ideal way to serve this food is with fries.

Do not miss the national food
  • Choripan

Choripan is a grilled sausage sandwich with tomatoes and onions, presented on a baguette toast with chimichurri on the side.

Though this dish appears to be a basic recipe, the smoky chorizo sausages make it quite satisfying and delicious.

  • Pancho

Pancho is the name for a hot dog in this country. It has a beef frankfurter placed on a bun.

Typically, the Pancho comes with mustard on its top. You can also expect other sauces, such as ketchup or mayonnaise.

You may choose from various pickled toppings, including red peppers, mushrooms, onions, carrots, and other veggies.


After finishing your main dish, move to the desserts. Alfajores, Churros, and Flan should be your priority.

  • Alfajores

Alfajores are a popular Argentine sweet. They arrive in different flavors, but the original form has dulce de leche sandwiched between two fluffy cake slices.

The tastiest Alfajores are those created every day in bakeries and pastry stores. However, their quality may differ. If you want the best, pay a little more. Otherwise, your treats will be crumbly and dry.

  • Churros

Churros are a type of pastry. Uruguayans make them by pressing dough through a machine.

You may also see some star-shaped pastries. The chef will fry them in oil, dust them with sugar, or spread some dulce de leche on the surface.

Remember to try Churros
  • Flan

Flan is a pudding that we have to cook in a bain-marie. This dish tastes best when going with dulce de leche.

This dessert has a thick base of creamy custard and a thin top coating of caramel. The quality may differ wildly, but the typical taste is creamy and sweet.


Some drinks will complete your meal. There are many options to consider. We help you limit your selection by recommending Mate and Medio.

  • Mate

Mate from this country is an infused beverage prepared by soaking dry yerba mate leaves in boiled water for many hours.

Mate appears to be Uruguay’s national drink. When you come to this country, you may quickly see Uruguayans carrying a thermos bottle of hot water in their pockets to brew Mate on the move.

Mate has become an important part of Uruguayans
  • Medio y Medio

The Uruguayan Medio y Medio combines sparkling wine and white wine. To make it, blend equal proportions of these ingredients in a glass and enjoy.

Does Uruguay Eat A Lot Of Meat? 

Cows outnumber people in Uruguay. As a result, this country has become a meat lover’s heaven.

Uruguayan people eat a lot of meat, particularly beef. Cattle farming has become an essential financial force for this tiny country due to abundant pasture and a pleasant environment.

The majority of the country’s interior is massive livestock and sheep farms. Sheep and beef products make up a significant amount of export revenue.

What do Uruguayans eat for breakfast?

A cafe with Leche and a Caliente sandwich or Bizcochos is a typical Uruguayan breakfast.

  • The commonly eaten bread is “flauta,” which looks like a baguette.
  • For the sandwiches, you may have a combination of processed meat (such as ham) and melted cheese.
  • Bizcochos come in various sizes and flavors and can be savory or sweet.

Is Uruguayan Beef Good?

Uruguay is a small but powerful country. Its beef manufacturing and sales ability scream for itself.

Uruguayan beef has two primary characteristics that make it one of the most excellent and most appetizing in the world: Gauchos and Las Pampas.


Gauchos are the symbol of this country. They have a distinct position in public imagination and tradition because of their ponchos and courage.

Gauchos have an inextricable passion for their lifestyle and deep regard for the cows they care for. They live harmoniously with the environment and the grassland habitat.

The way Gauchos rear their livestock, in an old-fashioned manner, provides one of the top meats in the USA industry and the globe.

Las Pampas

Las Pampas is an enormous, beautiful green meadow that stretches over the entire nation.

This grassland makes an ideal habitat for meat animals, allowing them to roam freely and cheerfully over the broad and green fields.

The outcome is that the cows are in a relaxed state. Hence, the meat is lean and rich in natural nutrients derived from the grassland.

The country provides top meats for the whole world

What Is Uruguay Famous For?

There are tons of exciting things to expect from this country, including:

  • This country has a booming wine industry and is among the top five winemakers in South America.
  • Chivito is the country’s national meal.
  • Montevideo’s art deco structures and neoclassical performing theater make it one of the fascinating destinations to visit.
  • Soccer is a popular game in the nation. It has made many world-class footballers.


Once you’ve visited Uruguay, you will be experiencing a lot of interesting things. The first one to try here is the food for sure.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need more information for your next trip to the country, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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