What Is Summer Sausage? How to Eat It

Summer sausage, also called sausage or summer ham, refers to a very specific type of smoked cured meat that is typically eaten with breakfast in the United States. In this post, you’ll learn what it is, how to use it, and what foods go well with it. Let’s find out the answer now.

What Is Summer Sausage?

Summer sausage is cured meat that originated in Europe before refrigeration became commonplace there. It is also sometimes referred to as “dry-cured”, which means that it is preserved without refrigeration. Summer sausage can be made from either beef or pork, and may contain other ingredients such as salt, dextrose, sugar, and nitrite.

Summer sausage is typically very thick, and has a texture similar to salami. It’s usually sold in long coils that can be sliced into chunks or strips for serving.

Summer sausage does not need to be cooked before eating, although it can be grilled if desired. Many people enjoy summer sausage with mustard or ketchup for dipping or spreading onto bread like bagels or rolls.

How to Eat Summer Sausage

How to Eat Summer Sausage

Summer sausage is a tasty treat for people of all ages. Snacks, picnics, and charcuterie boards all benefit from the addition of this sausage. It’s delicious, but you may be unsure about how to eat it. Here are some tips on how to enjoy summer sausage in its prime.

  1. Unwrap the summer sausage and cut it into slices. You can cut them as thick or thin as you like—the thinner they are, the easier they’ll be to swallow!
  2. Grill them! Summer sausages have a lot of fat in them, so grilling them will help break down that fat into a delicious flavor. You can also pan-fry them or bake them at 350°F until they’re golden brown on both sides (about 10 minutes per side).
  3. Add summer sausage to your favorite sandwich or wrap! It’s great on its own, but it also goes well with wine and cheese.

How Is Summer Sausage Different From Salami?

Summer sausage is a type of cured sausage that is generally made from pork, beef, or a mixture of both. It can be served as an appetizer or a main dish, and it’s usually eaten cold. It’s also known as summer-cured sausage, summer sausage, or white bacon because it’s made with the same curing process as the more traditional boiled and smoked bacon.

Salami is similar to summer sausage but has a few important differences. Salami is made from ground meat that is stuffed into casings, which are then hung to dry for several weeks before being sliced and packaged. Salamis may also be seasoned with garlic and pepper or other spices.

The main difference between salami and summer sausage is that salamis are often smoked after being stuffed into casings to give them their distinctive flavor. Summer sausages are not smoked at all; instead, they’re cured (which makes them last longer) with salt and sometimes other seasonings like sugar or garlic powder, which gives them their unique taste without making them too salty.

What Foods Does Summer Sausage Pair Well With?

Summer sausage is a type of dried sausage that is made with lean meat. It is usually smoked and has a smoky flavor. Summer sausage is usually used as a snack or appetizer, but it can also be added to salads and sandwiches.

Summer sausage goes well with many types of foods, especially those that are salty and spicy. Here are some examples:

  • Bread – Summer sausage goes well with plain white bread or wheat bread. The saltiness of the meat complements the buttery taste of the bread. If you like your summer sausage on a sandwich, try using wheat bread for its nutty flavor.
  • Potatoes – Potters are an excellent option for pairing with summer sausage because they are both salty and spicy. Potato chips can also be added to the mix for another layer of crunchiness.
  • Chips – Potato chips go well with summer sausages because they have similar flavors and textures as potatoes do. You can add some ketchup for extra tanginess!
  • Cheese – Cheese pairs well with summer sausages because both items are salty, spicy, and creamy at the same time! You can even add sour cream if you want something extra creamy!
  • Crackers – Crackers are an ideal pairing with summer sausage because they have a similar texture to the meat itself. Crackers can also help bring out the flavor of the meat by adding texture and crunchiness to it. A good example of this is the taste sensation that occurs when eating salami on its own but is accompanied by crackers.

What Kind Of Cheese Goes With Summer Sausage?

What Kind Of Cheese Goes With Summer Sausage

Summer sausage is a type of cured meat that has been smoked and dried. It is also known as summer sausage and can be made from beef, pork, or venison. Most varieties of summer sausage are full-flavored but low in fat and calories.

Summer sausage is a popular snack food at sporting events and picnics, especially during the summer months. It’s also used in many recipes for main dishes, appetizers, and sandwiches.

If you’re looking for a great complement to your summer sausage, consider these cheeses:

  • American Cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Cheese Spreads (cream cheese, chive & onion)
  • Feta Cheese
  • Mozzarella Cheese


Do I Have To Refrigerate Summer Sausage?

The short answer is no. Summer sausage is actually a type of dried sausage (not to be confused with summer sausages), and therefore it doesn’t need refrigeration.

However, if you want to store summer sausage for longer than a week or two, you should put it in the refrigerator or freezer. This will prevent your summer sausage from spoiling and ensure that it stays fresh and delicious for as long as possible.

Can I Eat Summer Sausage Raw?

Summer sausage can be eaten raw if you like the taste of uncooked meat. However, it’s not recommended because there aren’t any health benefits to eating raw meat, and there are some risks associated with consuming raw meat products.

The USDA recommends cooking all ground meats to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius) before eating them. This temperature will destroy any bacteria that may be present in the meat, which could cause food poisoning if ingested.

If you do decide to eat your summer sausage raw, we recommend that you cook it on high heat until it’s well-done before consuming it so that any potentially harmful bacteria will be destroyed by the cooking process.

Is Summer Sausage Healthy To Eat?

Summer sausage is high in fat and sodium, which makes it an unhealthy choice for people who have high cholesterol levels or heart disease. However, it does contain high levels of protein and iron, which can help prevent anemia in people who don’t eat red meat regularly. Summer sausages also contain nitrites (sodium nitrite) which have been linked to cancer; however, these meats must be cooked at high temperatures before they’re consumed.


One might say that summer sausage is a perfect example of how sausage-making was once carefully guarded, regional knowledge. While the general process and style of making have remained the same over time, regional specialties have been adapted to individual tastes. It’s been a pleasure writing this article on What is summer sausage. We hope that you’ve found it helpful, and we also hope that you’ll share it with others as well.

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